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ogrines allow server change?

By February 20, 2010, 06:06:10

i read this somewhere in these forums (can't remember where). i tried the search function "server change", "change servers" (and a couple others) but normally get one of the words highlighted and doesn't give me exactly what i'm looking for.

it pretty much said that ogrines will allow server changing. i read the devblog but it had no mention about it. but if this is true (and it was said somewhere here in the forums that we'll be able to), are we able to change our names when we choose what server we want to go to? or do we have to buy/get more ogrines to change our name? because there could be a possibility that the name you have already exists on the server you want to go to. so i just want to know.

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Ogrine will not allow server changes. That is probably what you read. Either that, or one of the threads where people ask for Ogrines to allow server changing, or ask if Ogrine will allow server changing.

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