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Suggestion for Ogrines

By DeathlyRat March 11, 2010, 12:22:23

I would like to suggest that Ogrines are only available to players over a certain level (higher the better) so that it is more difficult for players to subscribe their bots.

Everyone knows that the problem with bots is that you ban them one day and a whole new set are created the next. Limiting Ogrines to characters that get to say level 50 would at least give those who are charged with banning the bots a chance to stop them spreading into P2P areas, and also potentially stop them being abused for this purpose altogether.

Anyone else got the fear about 8 str sadidas bots in moowolf set farming strokens?

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even if they subscribe their bots, the won't be able to make big teams since the requirments for dofus 2,0 won't let them to make more than 3 or 4 on a pc. This with the cost of the ogrines will destroy them. They are expensive.

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NO, no no...woudlnt work and bots cant farm strokens...they would get destroyed by actual players.

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