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Ogrines and what they mean for you.

By Thenotsobob April 08, 2010, 21:38:48

I'm sure many people don't want a buyable currency, but many also do. My ideas on it is that they will be a good and bad thing, for the person who really really likes dofus and has a few extra bucks to throw down, why not buy some Ogrines? Maybe then you can change those nasty colors you picked for your character or swap you name, or even exchange them for Kamas if what i've read is correct. All this means is the Kamas will be distributed!!! I know so many lvl 190+s that have huge amounts of cash that say, "No im not spending any of my Kamas, saving up for a turq dofus" well, in that kind of economy there is no Trickle-down system, (the theory where if higher ups spend cash it will eventually trickle down to the poorer consumers and then they will spend it), I remember a time before inflation and money keeping. Someone used to be able to craft something and then sell it the next day. Well with Ogrines this might actually help the economy, it will give the little guy a chance to get a little pocket cash.

We all know that Ankama would be doing this for the fact they will become richer than ever before, but also because it could improve the play for users.
Don't try to petition against what could be a possibly good thing, if you don't like it, simply just don't participate in any of the reindeer games.

((Check out my enutrof spell change thread in the sections Game Development or Class:Enutrof sections, comment your thoughts or future ideas, or make a thread about your own class and what you would like changed, Ankama isn't going to change something just because you spam recruit channel about how sacs are so unfair or int iops are uber OP, make a thread on here, perhaps a Dev. will see it))

~~~^[email protected] Rosal: This message was brought to you in association of Rich-Uncle.

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