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ogrines for kamas system

By blaste May 05, 2010, 08:39:43

i was just talking with a friend and i got this idea but i dont know nothing about this but i though it was interesting so i wanna ask u all what do u think about it
As al of us know soon we will have the new service of selling ogrines forkamas and kamas for ogrines well i was thinking about this :
Having a char in a server lets call it (ServerA) and i sell all the kamas i have there lets say about 20mk for ogrines lets make a imaginary amount (2mil ogrines) will be able to use that amount of ogrines in a new server lets call it (Servercool or ogrines bought and sold are restricted for the server u did the change in this case (SeerverA) and what do u think about this u think is a good idea a bad idea if it wont be implemented would u like it to be?
thx for payingme attention i hope someone can asnwer this

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Good point there, never thought of it before.

I think that ogrines should be server restricted only.

If not, kamas sellers would be able to transfer kamas to other servers and one God knows what this would cause ><
Also, some servers have different economy compared to others. Transfering kamas like this would disturb the economy.
Prices would rise and alts would start appearing full geared and rich.

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If I understand you correctly, I would be very interested in knowing that answer as well. If players from Rushu, some whom have hundreds upon hundreds of millions of Kamas, were able to purchase Ogrines, then log onto say their Solar character and sell them.... But, in the event that is true, no one on Solar would be able to pay them what the purchaser paid for them, so it would be up to that person to take a loss on one server in order for gains on another. It would definitely speed up the market growth of new servers, but perhaps put people off on the fact that it can be done so easily.

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Quote I just spotted on Imps. Comes from the official Ogrine blog:

# Ogrines bought on the Kama Exchange with Kamas are forever locked to the receiving account. They can’t be used on the Exchange, but can be used for subscription or to activate services.
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