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Anyone want to show me around/Help?

By January 28, 2012, 16:48:30

I'm a new player to Dofus and I chose this server because of it's High population!
I've heard that I'm going to be pretty much soloing by myself until 100+
Then, is this game worth playing? Is there not much socializing in game and no new people to meet?
What fun is there to do in this game? Will it get more hard as I progress through the game, and I'll find no one to help me?

Then I might as well join a guild, any active guilds that want to recruit me? ACTIVE, lol.
I don't want a guild that's very inactive with no one to talk to/lvl with/ etc. lol

Anyone want to be my friend and help me out a bit? :3
Although I'll have to wait until tomorrow or whenever I'm able to subscribe through credit card which is down for new accounts like mine.

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First of all welcome to Dofus and welcome to Rushu!

You won't have to go all the way to 100+ by yourself, it's just a matter of finding people at low level, there are plenty still out there!
Once you get to leveling you'll see that the game is worth playing.

For fun, well, anything can be made fun, finding a guild, running dungeons, hunting for that one set of equipment you want most, talking in guildchat or at zaaps, etc..

The game gets harder but that's only natural, it would't be any fun if it stayed easy would it?

I'd be happy to help you if you need any, so you can always talk to me in-game.

IGN: Poisonshield

Hopefully see you in-game![align=left !important]undefined[/align] 

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Welcome to Rushu!

In any online game you can either choose to work alone or with others. Dofus is designed so that either preference is accounted for, since monsters spawn in small, medium and large groups on every map. Naturally, the more players, the higher level the mob you can kill, the longer the time it takes and the more experience you'll earn. The game really is as social as you choose to make it.

I personally think the game is worth playing, but i'm slightly biased. The best advice I can give is to just try it out! There are plenty of fun things to do. Gamgam covered several of them, but here's a short list of the game's main features:

  1. PvM (Player vs. Monster) - This is essentially grinding. It can be done alone or in groups with roughly equal efficacy. Also a fairly decent method of making money, although higher level mobs generally reap greater fiscal rewards.
  2. PvP (Player vs. Player) - You can choose an alignment (Bontarian or Brakmarian) where you can then be paired with someone of roughly an equal level of the opposing alignment via the Headhunter quest. Alternatively, you can collaborate with friends/random players as a group of three and participate in 3 vs. 3 PvP fights via the Kolossium.
  3. Professions - There are 22 different professions which you can master (achieve Level 100 in), including 6 gathering (e.g. Farmer, Miner), 7 crafting (e.g. Baker, Tailor), 3 carving (Bow, Staff and Wand) and 6 smithing (e.g. Daggersmith, Swordsmith). Further, there are 11 different specialisations which involve maging (stat manipulation) should you choose to give it a go.
  4. Dungeons - There are almost 60 different dungeons in Dofus, which consist of a series of consecutive rooms containing clusters of monsters from a specified ecosystem. They have varying levels of difficulty, and so are best tackled in groups. A full list can be found HERE.
  5. Guild system - There are literally hundreds and hundreds of guilds in Rushu alone. If you're looking to join a guild, you should probably start with the GUILDOPEDIA to check which guilds are actually recruiting. Alternatively, you can check out the part of the forum dedicated to Rushu (by clicking HERE) which often has players advertising guild places. This is a great way to make friends and complete dungeons/hunts simply too difficult to solo.
  6. Zaap sitting - Our favourite past-time, here at Dofus. If you don't really fancy doing anything, you can always sit with friends at your favourite zaap and chat over a cool glass of Astrub Beer!

I'm happy to help you out in any way I can. Just drop me a message in-game (IGN. Vahe) and let me know if there's anything you need.

Have fun!
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I see some friendly neighborhood Dofus players have answered your questions, but I will stress the fact that...

No, you're NOT alone until level 100! Far from it! If this were true, I would have stopped playing long, long ago.

Not that the game itself isn't fun; it's TONS of fun, mind you, but I of the main reasons I'm playing a Massively Multiplayer Online Game is, well, the Massively Multiplayer aspect, and Dofus is indeed Massively Multiplayer.

As for being your friend and helping to introduce you to the game; I'd be thrilled to do so. I love introducing people to Dofus, so, please, drop me a message and add me to your friend list!

My in game name is Orionolle. Hope to see you soon!

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