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Playing dofus again after a long break

By MikuH4tsun3 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 05, 2012, 02:48:04

honestly the only thing i hate about dofus is this stupid adobe acrobat air 2.0 or something. i like wakfus much better but wakfu is such a p.o.s. the creators of that game has no clue on how to balance a game... *rant* *rant* *rant some more*...

anyway, onto the point. im eastern time, live in NY, so u get an idea what my time is. im lookin for some good active players to play with, i myself am a very active player once i start playing any game. Also, along with trying to find someone with my similar time zone and high activity, im hoping we could start new characters on whatever english server (ill just delete any characters i have on the server if i have any there of whatever we choose). So basically.. im looking for a fresh start with another person, hope to find someone like that.

just message me here, ill check it every so often (around every 5-10 minutes, for a while...) once i find someone of that caliber, ill just enter a random server i got a char on and we can talk more there =).

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Welcome back to Dofus. I too tried Wakfu for a while, and had great hopes for it because the client is amazing. Sadly the game play just sucks. The grind is incredibly boring, way worse that it was in Dofus and all the characters feel really weak and pathetic compared with Dofus characters.

Its too bad that Dofus has the pathetic client and the great gameplay while Wakfu has the great client and the pathetic gameplay.

I would recommend that you join Solar. Personally I feel that it is a great server with not too many nor too few people on it.

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i dont realy mind whichever server i join, but i just want someone on the same ground as me to play with, until then im not going to play p2p or play at all cuz playing alone is boring. If i ever do find such a person or people, sure, i dont really mind which server im on as long as its english.

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I'll happily play and lvl with you! My 2 man team are in the range of lvl 30 - 44 so not that high. Drop me a pm on either Yungo or Sackrace. or you can Ankabox me smile
P.S I'm on Solar

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