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8 Man team needs guild :)

By La-dicsbher - SUBSCRIBER - November 18, 2013, 06:54:49

I have 8 accounts im gonna play , atm all are low lvls 34-49lvls buy im old player i have few 200s and so on which means im not gonna be low lvl that long so would be nice to find social and friendly guild smile!!

Ingame - Ill-Blackops,Ill-Child,Ill-Chinese,Ill-Anonoyme,Ill-Mambo,Ill-Grandma,Ill-Tropicaana,Ill-Mime / Private message me if im welcome to your guild smile

Im also Makeing youtube videos biggrin all Dungs etc ! "Outfit Dofus" in youtube !!

But* :p

Other ideas like starting new guild with me or anything else is possible too smile

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Yo bro
Emissary !!! tonguePP
PM me in-game Sandokan
You making vids? pm me ingame or ankamabox link gunna watch em

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