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In Need Of Friends

By Fsalt - SUBSCRIBER - June 19, 2015, 17:24:27

Hi, my name in game is "Phantoms-Requiem", I just transferd from Solar to Rushu and am currently looking for people who would like to make friends with me. I am a level 194 int Cra however, i do not mind having low level buddies either so no matter what stage of the game you are in please just give me a chance to see if i'm a person you would like to hang out with. I do prefer doing dungeons,hunts,quests,perceptor fights, and many more even if i don't need it, i'll go out of the way any day for a friend. My hobbies include Dofus,anime,D&D (real life version),tennis, and soccer.

the hours i play are usually 8:00Am(EST)-12:00Am(EST) 7:00Pm(EST)-10:00(EST) and pretty much any chance i get on my days off which are random.

Again i appreciate you taking the time to give me a look and if you don't think i'd make a good friend maybe you know someone who might think differently.

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Heya, welcome to Rushu. If you were looking for a guild you are very welcome to join mine. It's called Vertex. If you're interested just pm me in game.

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A D&D fan! Yay! Hello!

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