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[GUILD] The Swamp - Recruiting (NEW)

By EpicKittyKat - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 28, 2016, 19:29:22


New to the game? Just coming back into things after a long break? Just swapped servers and looking for a fresh start?

Look no further, The Swamp may just be the place for you!~

About Us (me really)

Many moons ago, when I was but a young fellow I was a PVP spamming Vit Osa who had, after playing as an even younger lad fallen in love with this game but not had the money to subscribe, finally gotten the funds and a credit card I could use online. It was Zatoi launch and exploring the world with a bunch of other players on fresh characters was, to this day, some of the most fun I've had gaming. Of course, good ol' life got in the way (guild leader got pregnant, highschool me ran out of money to buy subs, etc.) and I had to leave Dofus half-experienced.

Now I'm back and looking for like-minded people.

Obviously that experience, especially with the current state of Dofus' english speaking servers isn't likely to be replicated anytime soon. But, I'd love to create a small-ish, close-knit group of players that are interested in playing the game together (none of this 4 subbed accounts nonsense (no offense meant!!!)). So I've gone and decided to try making my own guild, since joining into a bunch of level 200s (I'm sure you guys are nice!) that mostly know each other just isn't really my thing for the time being.

In any case, if being a scrappy group of adventurers trying to find your footing in a new (or old and re-learned) game sounds like your thing, give me a shout!

Technical Nonsense

I'm currently in the low 90s, not planning on leeching but leveling decently without.
Anyone is welcome, just be active and know enough English that you can talk to people.
If this ends up working out there will be a guild house/paddock in the works~

Edit: Just PM Lyarii in-game if you want to say hi. Or message me on here, I'll check back fairly regularly.


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Hey! I'm interested in joining your Guild!

IGN: Chupania

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Score : 71

I would join your guild if you want
My names are Pandabub - Bones-Broker
Sorry but i dont know which want you can add me in game

Thank you

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I would like to join your guild!
IGN: Mitsuha

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Sounds great, I would like to join =D

IGN: Osa-beardless

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If you're still recruiting, I would like to join.
IGN: Alia-Seraph

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hey! I've played a long time on the italian server Ereziah, then I quit because my server wasn't really active. In these days I'm going to start on rushu, hoping to find new friends to play with biggrin if you're interested in guilding me, I'm going to create three pgs in these days. What level is required to join?

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Dont put any hopes into joining :l I was interested myself and checked it up. The guild is empty and the leader inactive for over a month or so.

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