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Returning Player Looking for Friends

By critsain - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 24, 2016, 01:24:12

Hi there! I used to have 3 level 199s but most of my items/kamas got scammed. I was pretty bummed out, so I decided to quit :/ BUT, I recently started playing again on a new account with the items I have left but no multiplier, since I'm trying to learn my class. I'm a level 70 Ecaflip who's up for anything! smile Kolo, quests, pvm, dungeons, etc. Except I have no one to do these things with, and Dofus is no fun without a guild or friends! I don't mind your level, whether you're subbed or not, or your playstyle. I'm open to being friends with anybody! So if you're interested, my IGN is Snack... cause I love eating hehe

Have a good day everyone,
Happy Holidays!

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hello mate! ill be server transferring soon to rushu with some friends! but right now im a level 196 feca ^^. add me if you like, im up for anything as well. ill be on the server dec 27th ^^ . id be glad to have adventures with you, im always p for pvm/kolo/pvp/sparing/ just having a good time in general. ^^

- Anonymous

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I've added both of you, and look forward to meeting you on Rushu happy (despite my avatar, I've been on rushu for a bit now)

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Helllllooo Snack!

If you are still looking for a community to play with, Forgotten Memories is recruiting new members to our family! I have also been playing this game for years (nearly since beta)! I'm always willing to help anyone of my friends/guildies needs it! It's always better to play with people IMO smile

Pm me in game anytime ^^ on Fluffed (200 Eca) , Polished (197 Osa), or Cuffed (baby Rogue).

Hope to see you soon!


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