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New player looking for friends. EDIT found a guild, Thank you all for responding :)

By Muto3 January 08, 2017, 22:09:43

Hello, my name is Muto3 I just started playing Dofus a few days ago, and am really enjoying the experience so far.
I have made it pretty far into the game, just hit level 40 in both character level and farming.
I want to make some friends on this server, so I can start doing dungeons, and get advice on builds for my character and such.

my IGN is Alia-Seraph,

I look forward to meeting you all!

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Hey Alia!

Welcome to the World of Dofus! biggrin If you are in need of friends or a community our guild Forgotten Memories is recruiting! Our goal is to help our members progress through Dofus. As long as you are friendly and helpful you will fit right in!

Feel free to pm me in game on Fluffed if you have any questions!

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