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Looking for leveling pal/s around 110.

By SiegeRaven - SUBSCRIBER - February 08, 2017, 22:37:21

Back when I still played Dofus every day for hours on end I had a bunch of friends who were the reason I came back again and again. Now, every one of them have set the game aside for various reasons, just like I did.
You know, the usual university studying, which then leads to long hours reading and preparing and then finally getting a job when you come out the other side. Hopefully that is.
But I have long thought about returning, spending my after-hours on something interesting and fun.
I did join a guild, but they're pretty much all 200 or just don't have the time nor want to level - And leeching as it's now called just feels lackluster. I mean, you are literally just sitting there, making other people do all the work, but not actually playing the game yourself. So I was hoping to find someone around my level who want to enjoy the game and maybe even make some friends.

I'm currently sitting at 115 on my strength Iop.

Though, I'd prefer if you were 18+ but as long as you are chill and a kind spirited person, you're always welcome to write wink 

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Hey there! I'm a 140 iop who came back recently aswell hit me up! (Name is Wobat on Rushu)

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Sure thing. I'm always looking for friends to make the journey more exciting ^^

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Pm me in game and I'll be happy to do some levelling or something! Thiero or Thiera in game smile 

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