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Odyssey (OneLV) Recruitment thread

By Pazuronn March 12, 2017, 09:20:33

Odyssey is a newly established guild though only formed as of 10/3/2017, we are very dedicated to being a peaceful hand in hand international guild. If you are a new player or an old returning player, or even just looking for an even more active guild, do consider giving us a chance!

Good things to come for Guild Odyssey
  • Guild Events (UPDATE - First ever guild event now ongoing from 11/3/17 ~ 18/3/17)
  • Alliance (UPDATE -Joined One Love alliance as of 12/3/17)
  • Very own guild/alliance website.
  • Daily XP hunts with Guildies (Already working on it.)

Guild Rules
1. Be kind to EVERYONE.
2. Help each other but most importantly help guildies.
3. No misconduct of any way. (Scamming, vulgarities, being rude etc.)
4. Always try to recruit new members into the guild.
5. Welcome new players who enter to give a good first impression.
6. Dofus is a community! Respect one another and treat others how you want to be treated.
7. You are allowed to speak in different languages in Guild chat . (Until someone feels uncomfortable and raises concern tongue)
8. Adhere to ALL alliance rules and regulations.
9. Adhere to the TOS of Ankama/Dofus.
10. Being inactive for >7 days is subjected to being expelled from guild sad

"WORD SOLVER GUILD EVENT* (Starts 26th March 2017) Guess the following mystery words correctly and choose a number from 1-30 if you get them right! Your prize depends on the number you choose and of course luck! (How to submit your answer = Message Pouvoiz in this format ; (Number ; Answer)) 4. F _ c _ ' s (Space) S _ _ _ _ d (Example of submission - 4. Feca's Shield.) Questions will be revealed on 26th of march, event ends on 15th April.

Message our respective representatives in-game if you would like an invite to Odyssey!

And yes of course we are active!

Odyssey ; An eventful journey.

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Great guild

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A guild that actually have guild events?! I'm all about that, add me in!

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