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I dont know what to do anymore

By 15Giliano51 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 12, 2017, 12:50:23

Hey everybody,

Im a level 199 int osa and i want to be level 200 and thinking about making other classes 200 also.
But my problem is that i dont know places where to solo level, i dont like pvp so i dont do kolo etc.
I like pve, i did quest but for some quest you need a group and i dont have people to join for he quest
because 1 they arleady did it or 2 dont want to.
I really need to know places to solo level or i wil quit the game...

hope someone can help

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Back then there were too many people who were thinking like you because there werent too many areas in game just like it does right now. I suggest you frigost(1-2-3). Follow /r chat. There are always pirate or kanig groups around. Some even recruit for dungeon groups. Stay there until 200 i'd say

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I was in the same boat. I have been playing solo before rambo reached lvl 200. For leveling and just generally to have some fun with this game, you can try the following (in order of "fun" to "painful grinding"):

Quests (if you haven't done it already) - these are fun and comes with lots of experience to help you reach lvl 200
1. Eternal harvest quest - keep a list and slowly gather arch (I really enjoyed this; kept me busy/engaged for months). You can complete 95% of this quest solo, at the end you can join a group who is also completing the quest. By the time you finish this quest, you may have enough experience to reach lvl 200.
2. Monster Achievements - each area has achievements for completing a challenge during fight against each type of monster. This gives good exp and resources (e.g. sufokia underwater, frigost, dimensions).
3. Crimson/emerald/turq dofus
4. Dofusteuse (requires completion of the other 4 dofus quests)
6. Abyssal (it's quite difficult to do solo - you will need lots of help from friends/others to kill mobs and complete the required dungs)

Solo leveling spots (use appropriate idols for higher exp)
1. Dopple - it's quick and you can make some kama while doing it.
2. Sufokia underwater - these have valuable drops
3. Frigost - wherever the stars are highest (foux/pirates/kani)
4. Fungus cave/Zoth village/firefoux ghosts

1. Shingun's advice - try the /r chat in frigost
2. Join an active guild where guildies do dungs/hunts frequently
3. Try to join end game dung group by asking on /r near -2,0 or in bonta/brak; it might take some time but there are still people out there who will assemble random team for dungs

Feel free to reach out to me in game.
IGN: Tom-Hanks/Moby-Mob

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