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Rosalian PvM Coalition-Remake

By ownage-pwnagetwo - SUBSCRIBER - September 10, 2011, 05:31:51

Since Alyss-sin went to zato D: I decided to remake the coalition! It was a nice idea to try and get rosal together but this time i'm doing it different. I hope this will help improve our society on rosal besides leeching in frigost. .

Character(s) Name:
What dungeon/hunt/soul/etc. would you want to do:
What time are you on:

Please answer these questions ;x. I have a 137 int cra and a 103 str iop. Since i have school i won't be on much but i really hope the majority of you guys are on smile

I kinda prefer p2p ( my cra isn't subbed yet) since you can do most dungeons and all. And i kinda hope your AT LEAST lvl. 35+. Uh.. So yeah pm me ingame guys biggrin (Iamthenumberonenub)

Bump I'm almost 141. And i'm p2p

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