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*tips his hat*

By Deamhain November 29, 2012, 03:40:01
New to the server. Greetings Rosalians? The name is Jagus, currently a lvl 37 Agi Xelor. Just started playing Dofus a few days ago and loving it. Just wanted to introduce myself. Hope to meet some great people here.
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Even though I'm not on Rosal and I play on Solar, still wanted to say welcome to Dofus and to the forums. Your topic title reminds me of a Solarian named Philistine ironically though lol xD.

- Bochi
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Welcome to the World of Twelve and to Rosal happy 
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hello welcome to dofus and to rosal. if you need help getting started or just want someone to talk to pm me. Night-Mayr
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Hello and welcome to our server ;p
I hope, you'll like it in Rosal.
If you need any help, PM "Ariia" in-game.
Yours sincerely,

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