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Fight Night Recruiting!

By ownage-pwnagetwo - SUBSCRIBER - October 07, 2014, 23:39:15

Hello everyone! Undea and I decided to revive our guild that has been long inactive for months, our alias were once violations of the ToS.

Guild Origin:
2 years ago our previous guild I was in with Undea named Ancient Spirits went inactive due to the leader not being on vacation or break (forgot why it was inactive really ;p). Matt(Undea) and I decided to start our own guild bringing in more players that were from our previous guild including new-comers! Currently we are a level 82 guild with 3 houses. We plan on purchasing more homes/paddocks once our guild population size increases. We also are not in an alliance (yet) due to the lack of members, once our member cap increases, we will join a stronger alliance.

Recruitment Information:
All we really ask for our new recruits is to be active and stay in a consistent leveling rate! (We can't be in an alliance with pure level 20s! Sorry!) We tend to joke around often, if you are someone who gets offended quickly or do not enjoy enthusiasm do note that we are joking. We do dungeon runs/hunts/souls frequently, (do not join this guild if you plan on leeching off us) which is why we advice our new recruits to stay on a consistent leveling rate to assist us on our activities

Ranking System
Regarding our ranking system, we base our rankings off contribution and activity. If you are active and contributing, your ranking will be based off of that.

Professions in the Guild
We have a wide variety range of maguses/craftsmen in our guild. If you need things maged/crafted do not be shy to ask in the guild! Be aware that we will not always be available from the time you request our service which is why we advise our members to create their own profession.

If you wish to join us either contact Me or Undea via message in-game, ankabox, or simply post here!

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