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Rosal is LITERALLY dead

By ZeusOTC June 05, 2016, 03:13:21
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If you guys think that Rosal is dead, you will begin to appreciate the population and the entity of what the server can offer. Try playing on a server like Zatoishwan; the entire day, only 10-20 real people that play, that's all it. 10 stars all in kanigloos, pingwins, mastos, you name it. Look on the positive side and embrace that because it will make you realize the good in the toughest of times.

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ZeusOTC|2016-06-05 20:43:31
So for those of you who think Rosal is not dead, Why have I not had a kolo in 4 days? I mean I used to get 10-20 a day now I have gotten zero in 4 days. I think you guys are in your little guilds and doing your own little thing but neglecting to mention the fact that outside your safe zone of friends there is literally no body playing the game. I transferred my god damn dragoturkey in bonta bank last night and it didn't get picked up. Thats how dead this server is. Zero xp groups, zero /r and /b.

And aside from this topic which 9 people replied to, there hasn't been a post here since april. April. You guys are in serious denial its amazing. Calling it a constant circle jerk. Hey douche nozzle, its Sunday afternoon and there is zero posts in the trading and recruitment channels. Go circle jerk with your guild mates because you're the last ones left.

So enough of your hysteria conspiracy theory, I can't even find an xp group. Its a fact, there is no one to play with.

I mean seriously, I would have a better chance of meeting a hot girl on craigslist than finding a kolo or xp group today LOL
You should really just change server. Looking from a pessimist perspective won't help you so just try Rushu and see how things are going in a more crowded server.
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CatOcatastrofe|2016-06-14 01:55:34
@ Mongoose : Well, glad there will be that inter-server Kolo thing happening. biggrin

Well that's exciting to hear smile 
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This is a game. There's no such thing as "you should appreciate this or that" or "stop complaining". It's a service given to you in exchange for your money. And there's nothing wrong with pointing out a thing that's bothering you in order to find a solution.
I personally played this game for a long time and as most of you may notice as well it's not like the old days. Finding items are too hard comparing to the past. The maps are deserted. It would be much better if it is possible to bring a few servers together so the player count raises. And if you think this is not a problem that exists, just don't reply on it aggressively. We're not here for arguing, we're here to find solutions to some issues we see.

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I am concerned as well. I am not sure what to do. I played on Rosal for many years in the past. I have 2 accounts on Rosal and I stopped playing for several years because of the high cost of subscription. I came back to see if anything had changed. Well, my accounts were locked for some reason so while I was waiting for them to resolve it, I created a new account to show my freind what it was about. We started on the Rushu server and it was fun! So when they finally(1 month later) fixed my old accounts I logged into Rosal.... OMG is that server dead.... The first thing that proves that server is dead.... not bots spamming the chats... second thing... the house on the same screen as the bank in Astrub City... EMPTY, abandoned... I want to move my characters to Rushu, but at the cost of 9,000 Ogrines?! They are killing this game with their greed.... I really, really want to keep playing this game, and really wanted to get my friend into it as well... but he will not pay the high cost to subscribe. And I will not pay the high cost to transfer my characters and then keep paying to play. My only option is to play on Dofus Touch! It is FREEEEEEEEEE

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Although the servers are smaller at the moment they plan to bring dofus to steam which should increase the population a lot if they do. As for the subcription prices its not really that bad. Most of the other games i play/played were 13-20$ some were just per character. So i think 7$ is actually pretty cheap.

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