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Need Help! =( "The Birth of a Mission" Quest

By Almightyleg - SUBSCRIBER - December 24, 2013, 11:41:56

Hey fellow Solar-ites!

My name is LegeSummoner and I am currently trying to complete this quest, "The Birth of a Mission". I am on the step where you have to gather 3 different types of Wild Dragoturkeys. I had no trouble capturing a Wild Almond and Wild Ginger Dragoturkey but the Golden one keeps slipping away. I have tried many times and I can't seem to capture them.

I am aware that you need to have no Dragoturkey equipped/mounted or even dismounted. I even went to the lengths of storing all dragoturkeys away from my inventory to a public paddock just to make sure, but still nothing =/

Is there something that I am missing? Could i buy a mountable golden dragoturkey and still meet the requirement for this quest or does it absolutely have to be Wild? Or if any of you are selling a Wild Golden Dragoturkey I would like to buy it from you. We can negotiate the price in game or if you have tips those would be appreciated too.

Once again my name is, Legesummoner. Looking forward to your reply Solar community.

Thank you in advance!

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You can buy it.
If you choose to capture it, it's the same method as the Ginger and Almond dragoturkeys.
You don't need the achievement of capturing the 3 types.

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You'll have to kill about 500-700 DT's before you will capture a golden. The rate of capture is just extremely low. I made a forum post complaining about the excessively low capture rate here:

Click here

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