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Combating The Server Population

By Floppaloppagus - SUBSCRIBER - August 14, 2014, 02:57:15

Hello all,

Im Rune-Scape and i haven't been on Solar long almost a year now. I came to the server on this panda that i am playing now and i enjoyed it so much i transferred my other character over. I found a great community of people always looking to help others, Which really got back into dofus after a long break. But due to occupational commitment i had to leave for an extended period of time. I came back and everyone was gone my guild is very inactive, my group of friends looks like they have all jumped ship. But anyways id like to do something to combat the server population. Maybe there is someway to pull together as a server and help our new players out there hanging on the server. But id like to get some ideas from the community! So if you have an idea! please reply! if your a new player who needs come help and guidance please reply! if your someone like me and wants to try to help please reply!

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I run through Astrub on some of my Profession Alts. I get randomly invited to lower leveled guilds. I decline the invitation, but I let them know I can help with things in the game. I make a wide array of friends that way of all levels.

Just run through Astrub during peak hours and you'll see a lot of folks who need a hand. The problem is that many higher leveled players just disregard the lower levels who need a hand. Turn on /r and /b and you can sometimes see folks who just want some help.

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I'm looking to start my guild Academy - which has the main goal of helping out new players (and older ones that need a hand!) On the side, helping out the community.. which can be a challenge since Dofus seems to be moving further away from community activities.

I'm going to start up the guild again in the next few weeks- I'd love to have like-minded people join and help out with leadership. Give me a message if you are interested!

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