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Mini event crafting my Dofusteuse

By BienMonPanda November 18, 2012, 00:16:47
Hey guys i made a video where you can see the legendary Dofusteuse made! with1 Crimson Dofus1 Emerald Dofus1 Turquoise Dofus

Here is the video ! Thanks for watching and don't forget to leave a comment ! laugh 
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I really don't see the usefulness of sacrificing a Power Dofus, Critical Dofus, and a admittedly outdated Life Dofus for such a low level cape that just has a chance to give 10 more stats than an unmaged adventure set. I'd rather keep the Power and Critical bonuses than just a possible of having a +1-20 cape :/
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Same you reason that you want to get a Vulbis. Bragging rights, and a badge to show you are a 1%er in Dofus.
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An ap maged Dofusteuse would be nice(more like acceptable) for an omni build I guess.

Maybe with +10 damage, 100-200 more vitality and possibly a few crits it would actually become a good item to have.
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You don't change an item that has been around for so long. That is sacrilegious.
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Revil-Nunor is right ! i just wanted to have a "legendary" cloak that only a few have in a server. I'm not planning on using it for fight laugh

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