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By AwakeW#9704 - SUBSCRIBER - November 17, 2014, 18:04:07
The following content is completely fictive; based on real events, quests and items that can be found in Dofus. I invite everyone to contact me via Ankabox if there's any question or if you want me to continue this sideline story. You can also send me your ideas, who knows, I could inspire my thoughts on yours! These quests are intended for the best strategical mono-players. All the battles are closed to one character, which include as well sidekicks; you must face every fight alone.

Beauty in the Beast
To start the quest, head to [-34,43] and talk to Evans Gardein.
IMPORTANT: 'But Where Are The Dofus?' is needed to unlock this quest. Level 25 is also required.
You should get a Fake Magic Staff and equip it before going to the starting quest map. Else, Evans Gardein will ask you to find a legendary artifact that is based on gods' power. Once the staff is equipped, face Evans.
Once this is done, Evans will send you visit his close friend, Furs Tangel, because you looks like the only hope to keep the shadows of Brakmar away from the Heaven's Pond. If you're Brakmarian, Evans will try to convince you that the Pond need to survive to keep the equality state as its known by now. Once the conversation's over, go speak with Furs at your Class' Relic, in Incarnam. He'll be in front of it.
Furs Tangel completly doubt you. He is the first to see you in this long trial and has to admit that he is not sure if Evans chose the good one to complete this exhausting task. After opening up his fears to you, he will describe the first task you need to accomplish. Some Brakmarians stole an important artifact that needs to be recovered. However, when Bontarians tried to fight them at the exit of the Passage of Brakmar, the thieves dropped the weapon and fled. You're in charge of finding this artifact before Brakmarians thieves.

To do so, you need to reach the Edge of the Evil Forest passing through the Passage to Brakmar (if you have the Edge of the Evil Forest zaap, just head to [-2,13]). Once there, you have to look at every place where an item could be hidden from a quick look (every rock, bush, plant or tree is an interactive object and can constitute the hidden place).
When the artifact is recovered, it will be added to your quest inventory. All you need to do is going back to Furs Tangel and hand it to him. He will thank you and add that this first trial was an easy one, built up by Bontarians to see your potential. He will admit to be very satisfied of the time you putted in finding the item, which is, in the end, a simple part of broken stone that was lying on the ground near the wall of the city.

'Nevertheless, the next trial won't be supervised by us. You'll need to be stronger and wiser to be able to pass the second step. Don't take that lightly. Once you're part of it, you're part of it until the end.'

After these words, close the conversation and leave the map. If you go back to the precedent map, Furs will not be there anymore, which means you completed the first quest of Twelve's Blessing storyline. You can go talk to Evans Gardein to get your reward.
  • 15,750 XP
  • 3,100₭

Enlighten the Darkness
To start the quest, head in the underground of the Kanojedo, in [0,0], and walk down the hidden stairs under the Guardian Statue. 
IMPORTANT: 'Beauty in the Beast' is needed to unlock this quest. Level 50 is also required.
Right at the moment when you were about to use the stairs to go in the Kanojedo's secret underground, an Intruder interfere and threatens you to kill you if you try to go down that way. After a short discussion on your mission and on his, you can either decide to turn on your heels or to attack the Intruder. Note that if you take the first choice, the Intruder will knock you out and you'll be teleported to the Kanojedo's first floor.

At the start of the fight, the Intruder will cast Cealum, which will make him Invulnerable. Cealum create a random order of weakness to elements. By example, the first turn could weaken the Earth resistance, the second turn the Water resistance, the third turn Air resistance and the fourth turn Fire resistance. The order can be changed by the player by hitting the Intruder in the next element he would be weaken. To take the same example, by hitting Water, you would put Earth as the fourth element to be weaken, pulling everything of one place. That would make the weaken list like that : Water/Air/Fire/Earth. To deactivate the Invulnerable state, it needs to be pushed on his Summoned Crystal, which will break and deal Neutral damages in a 2 cells AoE. The Intruder will summon another one at the end of his Vulnerable state after 5 turns.
After the fight, you'll get sent to the Prison, in Madrestam Harbour, as a penitence for disturbing the peace in the Amakna village. If you have done Potato Head quest, Bhen Neddal will recognize you and will let you leave to thank you for the help you'd gave him. If not, he will propose you another quest, Prisoner's Call - which you can read about here. Once out of prison, Segun Tangel will be waiting for you.
Segun asks you to steal the lights of Bonta and bring them in Brakmar, for both cities to understand that Light and Shadow can't live if the other dies. Without specifying what he meant, he leaves. However, there's on the ground a little alchemy capsule which you need to take to continue the quest. What Segun wants you to do is to go in Bonta and steal all the fire, in the Tower of Bontarian Orders, with the capsule and burn the remains in the Tower of Brakmarian Orders. The alchemy capsule need to be full before using it on the remains, which means you need to steal the 50 fire in Bonta before getting in Brakmar.

Each time you steal a fire from the Tower of Bontarian Orders, you have a chance to fall on a Bontarian Guard. To continue, you only need to win the fight. The fire in the capsule glows more and more every time you steal another fire, which increase your possibility of being detected. At first, you have 15% of detection possibility, it increases by 1.5% for every stolen fire in the capsule.


After burning the remains, Oto Mustam orders every guard to circle the Tower of Brakmarian Orders and let nobody enters or leave without his permission. To get out easily, kill the Brakmarian Guard in the basement to get his armor. This fight is in multiple waves, since attacking the guard alerted the others around. There's 5 waves in total. Don't forget to equip the armor before getting out of the Tower.

You can also get out of the Tower as yourself and get attacked by Oto Mustam himself - 10,000 HP and 50% resistance - and a couple of guards. The fight is in multiple waves, getting 5 more guards every 2 turns. Oto Mustam always stay behind his guards and is invulnerable. When wave 5 is over, there's no more guards and Oto Mustam become vulnerable, starting to charge at you. Once he has drop under 9,000 HP, he casts Bleeding Pact and Retreat.

If you take the first option, you can get out of Brakmar and go talk to Evans Gardein to get your reward; don't forget to get rid of the armor before talking to him, else he'll refuse to reward you. He will tell you that the goal of this mission was to bring a balance between the two cities and that killing someone was going against this goal. By taking the second option, you'll get the Mark of Oto Mustam, which give you -75% HP until you get it cured, in the quest I Feel Weak, Doctor. When you'll get back to Evans, he will tell you that taking an entire city all by yourself was a bad idea and give you complementary quest before rewarding you. In either option, Evans will disagree with your choice, but will still reward you.
  • 153,000 XP
  • 30,600₭

Additional content : Intruder in the Bestiary (Website)
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First Ankama intervention

I agree, this is a cool idea. I hope you continue. =)

See message in context
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Interesting so far, I'm interested in seeing where this is going. xP

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I agree, this is a cool idea. I hope you continue. =)

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After a long time away for personal reasons, I'm back and I intend to finish up what I started. My inspirations changed a little bit since 2014 (obviously), but I think I can still make something that will make sense. Some changes in the game will also be added in the following part of the questline. However, I will not review every single thing I wrote in the last parts.

Unite the Anarchy
To start the quest, you need to go to the Voyager's Tower, at [-22, -24], in the Briefing Room. That is where you'll meet Oto Mustam and Amayiro, both facing Tyr Tangel. 


IMPORTANT: 'Enlighten the Darkness' is needed to unlock this quest. Level 50 is also required.
In order for the quest to show up, you need to talk to both leaders and then Tyr Tangel. Obviously, no one wants to cooperate with the other one and that is why you are needed. Maybe will you be able to make them realize how important it is to join forces, at least for now. You will need to help Amayiro and Oto Mustam in random tasks. The order in which you help them does not matter. 

Amayiro, either in the Briefing Room or in the Militia, will ask you to go in the Cania Fields, south of Bonta, to help Captain Malfe. They need to make sure the guards are strong enough in case Brakmar ever wanted to invade their holy city. You can find the Captain at [-26,-45]. 
 He will ask you to talk to 5 guards around Bonta, which will trigger a fight. They are pretty easy to defeat, as long as you keep your distances since their only ranged skill, Sprint can only be cast in straight line, up to 5 RA and deal no damage. Going close combat can be more risky, as they will use Fierce Thrust to push you back 8 cells and deal ~100 Neutral damage. They have 250 HP at Level 50. Note that the level of the Guards will adjust to your character's level, hence increasing their HP, by 10, and their damage, by ~15 Neutral damage, per level. With a Lv. 200 character, the Guards will then have 1750 HP and deal ~2350 Neutral damage.

After you're done with defeating the 5 guards, you will have to go talk to Amayiro again, who is in the Militia. He will then ask you to complete a second and final task for him. Apparently, there is an infestation of Plissken in the Cania Fields, still south of Bonta. You will need to equip yourself with a Hunting Knife and kill 10 Plissken. Each monster will drop Snake Meat at 100%. You will need to combine all of the meat together to create a Scaressken. At last, bring it to Amayiro to end his part of the quest.

Oto Mustam, either in the Briefing Room or in the Militia, will ask you to go talk to Rhia, at [-25, -36]. He found a map of an hidden artifact, which will bring him more power than anyone could imagine. He will also grant you the Dark Veil buff, that will keep monsters away for the duration of the hunt. You then show the map to Rhia, who let you start the Treasure Hunt. The starting point leads you to Ohwymi. You can take a boat to get there in Madrestam Harbour, at [12,-6]. 

The hunt will lead you from the bottom of the island all the way to the Cursed Pyramid. (Currently working on the way to get there).  Then you will need to find your way to the Pharaohs' chest and open it.

In it you will find the item you were looking for : the Ethereal Dofus. Bring it back to Oto Mustam at the Militia where he will take it from your hands. He will talk about the Curse of the Ethereal Dofus, which can also be read as the description of the item when you have it in your Quest items.
Oto Mustam will then confront you, thinking he can now deal with said bigger threat on his own. A fight will start against the leader of Brakmar, who will be surrounded by a Cursed Aura. That state boosts his damages by 150% (Spell) but reduces his HP to 3 000. He gets damaged, every turn, for 150 HP. You are meant to win this fight, so play carefully and try to break line of sight. He has 50% Resistance in every element, 5 MP, 8 AP and can use 5 spells:
  • Shadow Sphere: 1-8 RA. Deals ~30 Neutral damage.
  • Retaliation: 4-5 RA. Deals twice the amount of damage you dealt to him.
  • Bloody Slash: 1 RA. Deals ~350 damage in the last element he got hit with.
  • Rage: 0 RA. Damage dealt x150%, Damage sustained x150%.
  • Boiling Blood: 1-30 RA. Put a curse on the target. Deals ~30 HP/turn.

After your victory, he will finally recognize your strength and give you back the Ethereal Dofus, which will be put in your Quest items once again. That unlocks another questline on the Cursed Dofus (will come later).

Once all the tasks are completed, you will need to go back to the Voyager’s Tower, in the Briefing Room, and talk with Tyr Tangel. He will congratulate you on successfully bringing together the two opposite powers and will give you the reward you deserve.

275,350 XP
50,000 ₭

Breath of Death
Faur Tangel is waiting for you in Astrub Tavern, at [6,-18]. Talk to him to start the quest.
IMPORTANT: 'Unite the Anarchy' is needed to unlock this quest. Lv. 80 is also required.
Working on pictures and the rest of the questline! Should be there soon enough.
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