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By AwakeW#9704 - SUBSCRIBER - March 10, 2015, 16:24:39
This is the second thread for the quests relative to this one

Prisoner's Call
This is a complementary quest for the players who haven't completed Potato Head. You can start it by talking to Bhen Neddal while being imprisoned in Enlighten the Darkness.


Bhen Neddal asks you to kill the two groups of Chafer that are walking in the cells and give him their bones. He explains to you that these are old prisoners that past away while being in this cell. After each fight, you'll get one Dusty Prisoner Bone, which you can exchange with Bhen for your freedom. However, he warn you that the next time he'll see you around, you'll finish like these other prisoners, stuck in the prison for eternity, haunted by the souvenirs of your bad actions. He also give you 100₭, to keep your mouth shut, in case someone asks why you're free to go.


  • 2,000 XP
  • 100₭
0 0
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