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Experiences? I'm Writing A Short Story About "Virtual Life" In An MMORPG Like Dofus....

By Dunveganz - SUBSCRIBER - April 04, 2017, 11:00:51
...the story is about someone (like anyone we know? tongue) who is living more of a virtual life in an MMORPG (i.e., a massively multi-player online role-playing game based loosely on Dofus) and doesn't realize (or care) that they are withdrawing almost completely IRL.

I'm very interested in how you relate to Dofus and MMORPGs in general. Do you find yourself mentally/emotionally living in the World of Twelve sometimes?

  • Do you ever find you've played far longer than you meant to, and lost track of time?
  • Do you ever dream you're in the World of Twelve and running in the fields of Dofus killing or running from mobs? Like you're dreaming of "Inception" levels of Dofus in your sleep?
  • Ever see something IRL and say to yourself immediately, "Well, if this were Dofus...."?
  • Have you, or have you known, anyone who abandoned all else for a while just to live virtually?
  • Do you write, or read, MMORPG fanfic; and if so, what have you to say about the "alternate realities" fanfic affords and extends to the online experience?
Please jump in if you have anything to say about the "virtual world" vs. the "real world." I know that I've found myself playing Dofus around the clock when I've been ill, or had time off, or was depressed at how reality suxorz and the MMORPG world was beyond soothing...and very seductive, too.

Although I have written a only a few "fantasy" tales of the "Science Fiction and Fantasy" genre; what the Fantasy authors I know teach about the art form is that "a Fantasy is bringing a complete world to life."

Here's the thing: Once, in the prior millennia (about 30 years ago!) the majority of creation of fantasy worlds happened in short stories and novels. Now, the "complete world" of fantasy is created by artists in the interactive gaming Fantasy field.

I'm an alumni of the Clarion Professional Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers' Workshop, and I'm writing this story for the annual Write-A-Thon, which begins again this year in June of 2017.

Here's my page at Clarion for all previous years, and will be the same for this year's Write-A-Thon submissions, including my short story about MMORPG vs. IRL.

[blockquote]During my year at the live-in workshop the instructors were Harlan Ellison, Theodore Sturgeon, Chip Delany, Kate Wilhelm, and Damon Knight. (Yes, if you're thinking it was a while twas, and nearly at the inception of Clarion!) George Alex Effinger was a student there on one of the two coastal Clarions around the year I attended, and just about any luminary in the SciFi world (including George R.R. Martin) was at one time either an instructor, a student, or in some cases both at Clarion. Yes, almost any sci-fi or fantasy author you can think of...don't believe me?...I dare ya...look it up!

This year's workshop instructor lineup includes Cory Doctorow, Dan Chaon, Linda Berry, C.C. Finlay, Andrea Hairston, Nalo Hopkinson, and Rae Carson.

BTW, if you are a serious fanfic writer, and you think your worlds and words are hard worked on and you would like to see them made manifest in publishing, you might look into submitting to Clarion for next year's class. They also have scholarships. It's not a pay-to-play workshop, all students are chosen on the merit of their submissions. So, it's a bit daunting to vie for one of the around 20 workshop slots and have illustrious authors in the SciFi world vetting your work. But...! You get an experience of a lifetime and have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live and work in an intense day-night long six-weeks of total immersion with well-known, rather brilliant, sci-fi and fantasy authors.

Your art (and you) will come out of the experience transformed into professional-level craftspersons; ready for prime-time! And I'd be happy to discuss Clarion with anyone interested in the workshop.

By that you can guess that it's a serious writers' venue, so I want to do the subject justice, but the part about gathering research on how people really interact with the virtual world should be fun.

So, this is the question: How much of the virtual and the real overlap? How do online worlds change us, and how do we affect the online MMORPG world?

What do you think?

Please, jump in!...I'd be very interested in hearing about your experiences in Dofus and how you integrate and navigate online and off-line "life."

You can hit me up, and the other Clarion authors, in mid-June at the Write-A-Thon, or follow my Clarion blog, and see the story I'm creating about living between two worlds, one virtual and the other real life, as both are sometimes all too real. Or, are they...?
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Dofus became my real life now and I mostly take breaks from Dofus and take a walk or something instead of playing it when I have free time in real life biggrinbiggrin 
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Tnx! tongue This is very much precicely the main motivator of the protagonist.

You've hit on the exact leitmotief of my short story...if you have a tell me more!

And I'll be most interested in any other such posts from we Dofus fanatics!

I remember telling Izmar of the Dofus twitter feed during one maintenance that I'd fallen asleep for a while during the off-line time...and when I woke up and stared at the screen, I realize I'd had a very involved dream where I'd found a new cavern under Amanka...and it was full of cubby-hole shops selling rare gear, pets, and weapons...but since we were "off-line" (in the dream) it was a Dofus "Bank Holiday" and I couldn't get to even 1 kama to buy anything in that amazing underground bazaar!

She actually tweeted back something like, "Woah, that's happened to me too!"

Little stories like that will help me write a short story that brings to life and gives depth about the Dofus experience to those who've never played the game.

The Write-A-Thon is over until next year...but I'm still here and working on the story.

Who knows, in our wildest dreams, it might make a kewl mini-series to pitch about MMORPG gamers and the world we live in. Whatever, I do want to finish and publish...and any posts will give great depth to the project.

And thanks for your assistance! I'lll post the story here when finished,

k thx bai 4 nao~ and keep replying: about anything, everything's all gold for the grist, and I'll happily give all contributors in-copy attrubution, if you want that and okay it.
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