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DOFUS Collector OST Orchestral (CD Quality)

By Proxear-Lidium - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 13, 2020, 04:04:44

Hi people !

I recently decided to clean my room (unbelievable) and I was surprised to find my DOFUS Collector box dating from 2009 behind all the mess.

This box contains a CD named  "The Soul of the Twelve" containing a complete reorchestration of 14 legendary musical titles about this game's lore and universe.

Listening daily to this soundtrack in the background for playing or studying: I decided to upload it to my yt channel to share this great artwork with the community, for all the nostalgic veterans or more recent players who have never had the opportunity to listen to these songs.

Having done everything to maintain the best audio quality, wearing a headset or earphones is highly recommended! huh

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