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The journeys of Koh-Damah -- Week Four

By Ankkodamaspirit#4099 - SUBSCRIBER - April 24, 2021, 17:45:53
Hello everyone! The name's Koh-Damah and if you like what you see, go check out my humble beginnings at the Incarnam Inn -- -- And with that, let the adventures continue! 

Day 22 -- Filling up the Bank!

Today was all about organizing crafts to bring my crafting professions from 80 to 100. While filling up at the resource market and my bank, I am noticing that my kamas and resources are running a tad low. That's where the beautiful Lemon-Jill-O comes into my story! Once I finish getting my crafting professions to 100, I'll begin running her though the 1-50 dungeon achievements for the loot and cash! Pay to play with in-game currency should cost around 400 to 500 thousand, and I believe that I will get that back with just the achievement kamas alone. This should allow me to craft and crush a whole bunch more for lots of runes to than catch my maguses up to 100. Until than, I'll see you all back at the grind stone! 

Day 23 -- Progression update

Koh-Damah worked his lazy Sadida butt off today, and all the blood, sweat, and tears where worth it as I managed to hone all of my crafting professions from 80 to 100! There was also quite a lot of cereals to reap, ores to mine, preparation potions to brew, substrates to ferment before the job could be done. As such, my harvesting professions are also on the steady incline -- around level 120ish. I think that it is just about time for Lemon-Jill-O and I to finally start that aforementioned grind for runes. Someone has to make some Kamas around here, and leveling my maguses up should do the trick! But first, a short little 48 hour nap to get those gears grinding . . .

Day 24 -- A change of heart
   After studying the arts of technomagic in the large port town of Sofuki, a change in heart occurred in Koh-Damah. No longer could he hear the voice of the trees. Instead, the only sound that felt familiar now was the calming hum of the ocean. Thus, after much contemplating, the former shaman of the forest renounced his devotion to the God Sadida! Now the young technomage would forever hone his skills in the arts of technomagic under the protection of the great Oktapodas -- protector of the oceans. 

This was a difficult choice to make as I really did enjoy the roll playing aspect of the little tree shamans -- Sadidas. The play style however did not suit me well. I've played most of my adventures thus far solo, and the Sadidas just take so long to get going. My 1 on 1 fight with the bounty Brumen Tinctorias took more than 40 minutes! That's almost half the time I have to spend on Dofus during days that I can even find the time to play. More so than all that however is the lack of field manipulation. I guess that I was just struggling to enjoy running away each fight, praying that nothing could get close to me and that I could finish the fight before getting permanently backed into a corner. Now I can dish out a ton more damage while maintaining a fair amount of support, all while flying across maps! I'm looking forward to being a member of the esteemed Foggernauts! 

Day 25 -- Thanks Lemon-Jill-O!

So I finally found the time to sub Lemon-Jill-O for some dungeon achievements! The cost for a week of p2p was about 750,000 kamas -- more than I had originally thought! Regardless, the 275,000kamas and 1.4 mil worth of resources made up for it! I might also run her though a few of the 60-100 dungeons before her sub runs out, but for now I've got a lot of crafting/crushing to do for my magus's jump (80-100). Wish me luck!!

Day 26 -- Magus XLR!!

Done!! All magus professions up to their respective crafting counterparts! weeew! Thanks to the Lemon-Jill-O project, I've still got about 9.7mil worth of runes to work with too! Equipment market place is also filled to about 13mil worth of stuff, which will be nice when I return from the weekend smile I suppose my next goal would be to get going on the Emerald Dofus quests, as well as hopefully getting Lemon-Jill-O through a few more achievements before her P2P runs out and I forget about the account forever haha! 

Day 27 + 28 -- Making a name


So much adventuring the last two days that I don't even know where to start! I decided to continue my quest for the Emerald Dofus, and my magical compass brought me to a particularly disgruntled Dragoturkey breeder in Bonta. After teaching his daughter everything there is to know about raising Dragoturkeys, the old man decided that it was finally time cast away his urges for revenge once and for all. This interaction gave my compass the final direction it needed to find the infamous Dark Vlad! Confident, I readied my turrets, drank my potions, and raised my axe to challenge the cursed Iop! . . . I was quickly disposed of faster than the Batofu on a dungeon rusher weekend . . . Luckily I managed to escape an eternal rest and once again sought the help of Meriana -- A powerful sorceress whom knows all about the Dofus and their guardians. With new insight to a victory, I have set out on capturing many  different bounties in order to collect a magical relic that will win me the day sure enough!

Tiering from miles upon miles of searching for wanted scoundrels, I decided to take a break and continue my fellowship of Brakmar by assisting Oto mustam with a few important missions. Rank 40 here I come! 

Koh-Damah ~ 108

PS: I was considering giving up on these entries for a hot sec there, but a great friend convinced me to keep at it, Thanks 'Spry Feca' happy
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