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The journeys of Koh-Damah -- Week Five

By Ankkodamaspirit#4099 - SUBSCRIBER - May 09, 2021, 18:54:52
Starting off my second month of Dofus strong! If you're new here be sure to check out my first 3 weeks over at the Incarnam Inn page -- and with that . . .

Day 29 -- My new mischievous friend

Growing restless from pillaging the World Of Twelve of it's harvestable resources, Koh-Damah embarked on a few more missions entrusted by Oto Mustam. Quest 39 of the Brakmarian fellowship involves hunting down and slaying the mighty Moowolf! With the difficulty of this dungeon being a tad out of Koh-Damah's reach, the time has come to enlist the help of a new mercenary -- enter Toxine! A member of one of the most influential gangs in the City of Thieves, her assistance does not come cheap (400,000 big ones!). This poison-hunter, armed with her flask-launcher, is extraordinarily gratifying to play! Mischief and excitement await on Koh-Damah's next adventures -- hope you brought your antidotes wink 

Day 30 -- The Cania Bandits!

After imprisoning 15 different wanted criminals, I was finally able to collect the legendary maps of the elusive Cania bandits! The bandits live up to their name as the  battle was bloody and fierce! Luckily I have some great guildies whom came to assist me in my hour of need. Now the Scales of Prysmaradoth are in my grasp! Get ready Dark Vlad, I'm coming for you soon >smile

Day 31 -- From one legend to another

Once the final preparations were finished, Koh-Damah's hunt for Dark Vlad and the legendary dragon egg  brought him to the celestial floating island of Incarnam. Traveling through the skies on a magical balloon directed by arcane winds, the short journey brought Koh-Damah through stormy clouds before finally resting at the hiding place of the all powerful corrupted Iop and his legendary relic -- a fitting location for an epic final battle! The eager Foggernaut donned his Prysmaradoth's amulet and beautifully danced with the raging legend before delivering the final blow! With Dark Vlad defeated once and for all, Koh-Damah is now the rightful guardian of the Emerald Dofus! 

Day 32 -- Back at it again

Relatively self explanatory gif here. I'm back to the OL' grindstone! After the dust settled from Koh-Damah's glorious victory over Dark Vlad, it felt time again to start working on professions. My goal for this month is to get all my harvesting professions to 200 (exept for the hunter and maybe fishermen) and my crafting/mageing professions to about 120ish. Although I think that my current equipment is fine for a while, I could still benefit from upgrading a few pieces here and there. Additionally, when I do decide to overhaul my set, it will be nice to just make/mage it all myself. Wish this old salty dog luck!

Day 33 -- Enter; Cotton-Sandy


With the next big leap approaching for crafting professions, it was time once again to recruit some help -- meet Cotton-Sandy! This alt was invaluable for a rather quick run of many achievement drop hunts and may even appear again someday in Koh-Damah's journey. Subscription was much cheaper this time, running me about 600,000 kamas. A worth while investment as the kama rewards alone from all the achievements run today covered the cost. The rest of the spoils averaged about 2 million (in estimated drops on Cotton-Sandy alone) and probably more once I turn all this gold into equipment and runes <3 Gonna just keep on truckin'! 

Day 34 -- A chill summer day

After the absolutely savage decimation of all those monsters and dungeons yesterday with Cotton-Sandy, today was a slower pace -- filled with a little crafting, maging, and some preemptive treasure-hunting for quests to come. While the treasure hunts where admittedly exasperating at first, they quickly became easier the more of them I found. After a quick learning curve, I begin to predict clue locations better, spot hints faster,  and use the first 3 'free' guesses more carefree. Additionally, the chests themselves are not the only rewards that I am after. While completing numerous treasure hunts, I am also leveling cheap low level camo mounts with the experience from the quests, and then flipping them for a nice profit. Two tofus with one legendary crackler rock! 

Day 35 -- Playin' around 

Well today was not a particularly productive day as far as progression goes, but fun none the less! The guild I belong to had a fun emot hunting event that I partook in, and we successfully snagged all of the 'team necessary' emots. Thanks everyone!!! Other than this entertaining social event the remainder of the day was mostly spent on harvesting professions -- which are coming along quite nicely might I add. Anyways, I'll see ya'll next time for week six!!

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