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The journeys of Koh-Damah -- Week Six

By Ankkodamaspirit#4099 - SUBSCRIBER - May 20, 2021, 12:37:04
Hello Again! Thank you to everyone whom encourages me to keep at it! Once again (and for the last time) if you are new here, check out the beginning of my story over at the Incarnam Inn thread right here -
And with that!

Day 36 -- From scrub to salty dog

I DID IT! Today I managed to finish the grind on both the miner and lumberjack respectively. While the latter posed no exponential struggle throughout its progression,  the former ran into some hard times on occasion -- most notably the grinds from level 1 to 20 and once again from 140 to 160. And just incase you where wondering, the farmer and alchemist are not far behind! I once again feel at liberty to give  Ankama Games mad props as I remember this being so much harder years ago, with far less immediate profit. In other news, I should be starting more actual game/story progression soon so hang on to your garglyph leather briefs!

Day 37 -- Renaissance Man

As today's journey comes to a close, so too does my final grind for the farmer and alchemist. I want to say a Big THANK YOU to the MODs for clearing a whole lot of bots from an area that I was struggling with -- my speedy progression today is thanks to you guys! The only two harvesting professions that I have left to work on are the fishermen and the hunter, but I think these will be worked on rather passively as I progress in other areas. Tomorrow I hope to work mostly on some minor progression with my next Dofus quest to break up the mundaneness, but will thereafter shortly return to my crafting professions, as they are falling a tad behind Koh-Damah's level (about 10levels each). I also want to give a shoutout to some of my fellow guildies for assisting me with a few challenging dungeon achievements (you know who you are ^^) you guys are the best! 

Day 38 -- The book of Taurs and the eternal harvest

Crafting, harvesting, treasure hunting, Koh-Damah was a busy adventurer today! Furthermore, the powerful sorceress Meriana instructed Koh-Damah to climb up the tallest tree in the world of twelve to meet the infamous Otomaï -- Master of all alchemy and kin to the goddess Feca. This fated meeting was sparked by Koh-Damah's inquiry of the legendary Ocher Dofus -- the dragon egg laid by none other than Terrakourial the earth dragon! Otomaï, being the guardian of said Dofus, sent Koh-Damah off on a lengthy quest known to many and accomplished by few . . . the eternal harvest! Embarking on this quest, Koh-damah must capture the soul of every living creature that resides in the world of twelve. Realizing that this will be a passive progression throughout Koh-Damah's journey, the search for the Crimson Dofus will take first priority for the time being.

Meriana mentioned that the Crimson Dofus was hidden away in a dangerous labyrinth, and that Koh-Damah would require a powerful spell to get through this ordeal alive. Frustratingly enough, this spell is locked away in The Book of Taurs -- a book that has been forever lost to time. After searching every known library on the Amaknean continent, Koh-Damah finally picked up a lead suggesting that the book could be found in the Lord Crow's enchanted library. The only problem now is that the embodiment of death itself, the lord crow, will doubtfully hand the book over peacefully. Additionally, it would appear as though Koh-Damah is not the only adventurer looking for the Crimson dofus, as some rogues attacked him from behind after learning the information about the Book of Taurs. Let the race begin! 

Day 39 -- Picking up the pieces

Thanks to the help of a new comrade, Koh-Damah was not only able to make his way past Lord Crow's gate keeper (Capsaaloock), he was also able to steal the reapers Book of Taurs -- after a hearty beatdown of course! With the knowledge of the ancient spell book and a bone pulled from one of the Lord Crow's wings, Meriana was able to craft a strong magical item that would reveal the location of the one whom guards the Crimson Dofus. 

Managing to find their way through the daunting labyrinth of the Minotoror, Koh-Damah and his new ally took care of the three Minotoror brothers quite easily. Standing before the stone throne at the end of the dungeon, Koh-Damah (wielding the magical bone) recited the powerful incantation given to him by Meriana -- Show yourself soul-less one! Instantly before his very eyes appeared the shaman-king of all taurs, and the guardian of the Crimson Dofus -- Minotot. The intimidatingly large creature was quite impressed with Koh-Damah's achievements thus far and agreed to a trade. The Crimson Dofus would be given to Koh-Damah in exchange for the Totankama's mask -- an artifact created by the Minotot's ancestors long ago. Before his departure, Koh-Damah was warned that he is not the only soul seeking the Crimson Dofus. What sort of intense confrontation awaits? And why is this little Tofu fallowing Koh-Damah back to Meriana's place? 

Day 40 -- Ignemikahl the fire dragon's magical relic 
part 1

After completing exactly 100 treasure hunts, Koh-Damah was able to scrounge up enough rose of the sands to exchange the once cursed Enutrof Ener Brelloq for all five fragments of the Totankama's tablet -- an ancient map which hides the location of the powerful curse "Mummy Nova". Once the curse had been defeated by Koh-Damah and his fellow guildies, the long sought after Totankama's Mask was finally collected and ready to be exchanged for the Crimson Dofus! Alas . . . this was far too simple as the taur shaman Minotot deceived Koh-Damah by quickly locking his soul into a seemingly endless maze. 
Part 2

After almost losing his soul for all eternity, Koh-Damah managed to escape the Minotot's spirit maze by the skin of his teeth! Finding another way back into the Dofus room, Koh-Damah finally met the other adventurer seeking the power of the Dofus. The Rogue known as Han Reddun gathered up all the explosives he could find and made his way into the Dofus room most aggressively. After one last epic battle, Koh-Damah is now the rightful guardian of the Crimson Dofus! 2 down and 4 to go!
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Keep at it little dude!! You might even get me to come back to this game heh
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