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Dofus YouTube Content Creator in English - PvP [2021]

By matthewga#4391 - SUBSCRIBER - June 28, 2021, 18:11:19
Hello guys,

Just wanted to post here since I started recently creating some content in English for Dofus. I was doing videos without commenting but I decided to make some of them commenting so if any of you find it interesting I'll leave the links here and all feedback is very welcome.

As there is no much of this type of content in the English community, I'd like to continue creating more if people are interested in it smile

Thanks a lot!

Cra's Life - Matew [Echo]

My channel

Some videos with English commentary:

Learn How To Play Tyrannical Arrow In 15 Mins
PvP Session Cra 1v1 - Tyrannical Arrow
PvP Session Cra 1v1 - Strength/Chance Set
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Best of luck on the channel. Whoever is passionate about Cras will probably enjoy it.  
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