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Requiem [story]

By Pankaiks - SUBSCRIBER - July 10, 2010, 05:50:27
I know in no way shape or form I cannot compete with SilverAmphithere's excellent writing and drawing, but I decided that I needed a creative outlet and this has really helped me get rid of some stress. I plan on writing a section of the story twice every week, if possible, I am very busy. I hope you guys can enjoy my style of writing. Please please please give me constructive feedback, as I am trying to become more skilled in my writing. If you don't like it, or a part please tell me.

He opened the window as a hot breeze passed by his face. His eyes flicked around the room like tiny probes, they searched the room for any signs of life, just a trace. His ears searched for the dull pant of breathing; anything would be enough for him to leap into action. The man was a master of his trade, the epitome of an assasin. Hunting down the followers of the twelve gods was his sole purpose. Ever since the war of the gods, the Bontarians, suffering heavily from the death all around knew what they had to do, rid the world of the disciples of the gods. They followed their god's orders like marionettes, their land could no longer be a battleground for the god’s war. No one could have power, and it was this man’s job to keep it that way. The man whispered to himself, “Alabane the Merciless” a namesake that villagers had given him he loved the sound. A terrifying name, but he cherished it, his name was the only real reminder of who he had become. He tested the blade section of his hammer anxiously. Finally Alabane drew his senses together, inside a dresser he heard some innate mumbling. He sprung into action, like clockwork he put one foot in front of the other until he was moving at a considerable pace, then faster. He leaped into the air and heaved his hammer over his head and smashed the dresser into dust effortlessly. In the rubble a small boy cowered with his face crammed in his palms, trying to think of an incantation that could save him from his fate, but he was too weak, too inexperienced. Alabane heaved the boy into air. It was unmistakable, the insignia of Eniripsa was tattooed onto his forearm.

The boy cried out in sheer terror, “Please, spare my life, if anything! Please just tell them you killed me and I will never be seen again! I swear on my life!”

Alabane coldly spat, “You don’t have a life to swear on anymore, boy”

“You will pay for your crimes, when you are gone from this realm, you will remember the hundreds you’ve killed, and you will weep.” Snarled the boy.

Intent on not letting the boy joust his conscience anymore, he thrust the sharp end of his hammer straight into the young boy’s heart. With his last breath, the boy muttered a single unintelligible phrase. Alabane tossed the young boy to the floor and cursed the twelve gods. He thrust the door of the small shack open and jumped gracefully onto his dragoturkey. It was a long day, but he had found what he was looking for. After hours of monotonous riding, he arrived at his home, his refuge, the one place in the world free from the scum of the twelve gods. He rolled back the sheets of his bed, lit a candle and peered at the clock, 8:12 P.M., it was early for him. He got up to grab some dough from the larder to prepare overnight, and suddenly his vision shifted, everything grew blurry and he fell. Just a few seconds later he regained his senses, then preceded to fumble his way to bed, sneaking a glance at the clock on the way back. He knew he saw something odd about that clock, but didn’t have the strength to pursue his wild perception; he was tired and needed some sleep. With the only sound left in the house, his ticking clock.A dull tick, tock, tick, tock, rang through the house, as the minute hand signified a change in time. The clock now read 6:54 P.M. Something had changed in Alabane, though he did not know it yet.

Just a short introduction to the (I hope) series. Plenty of plot development and twists lie around the corner! I really hope you guys enjoyed it =/
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Don't be silly, this is fabulous! I love how he's a baddie. Can't wait for more!

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Thanks for the input, I just got back from camping and when I find time I will write the next section.

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