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Buying certain high-level Miner resources

By AriBarz - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 18, 2016, 08:11:11

Hi, so here's the deal - I'm working on making my next set, and it requires a good deal of miner-related resources: Click here

To be more specific, it requires a good deal of Pyrute and Brassic. Among the gear, i am only lacking the amulet, and among the trophies, I only have Voyager.

This means I still need to craft the following: Aykido Medal, Miracle Man, Nomad, Shaker, Intellectual, Vigour.

Unfortunately, these two materials tend to be quite expensive, when you consider that they are prominent in almost all items around this level rage - it's like a lower-level version of Dimensional Fabric. If anyone on Rushu has Pyrute, Brassic, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, I would be very delighted to purchase some. Additionally, i do not mind purchasing other materials necessary for the items mentioned earlier, if you have any and are willing to share them.

If I buy the materials batches, I expect a small discount - Otherwise I might as well purchase from the market.

We can discuss prices ingame, my name on Rushu is "Skillmaster-Nettle"

Thanks in advance!

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