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Rushu's Market dying ?

By donmasa - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 24, 2016, 20:42:26

Hello so I was a little curious because for a long time no matter what i put for sale , nothing is getting sold.... I got 100 miner so normally i put ores and alloys but for past few months they're not selling at all and even they sell its very slow people hardly buying those and then i tried putting some 15x to 18x resources and even those were selling hardly. I tried making different items and it's fair to say that the only thing that is in demand right now is ( 200 items / resources / rune ( tho most items have very low % of getting runes ) .. the point is it looks like only high level items are in high demand.
I dont know it's probably just me but I'm curious what other people think about it , if its affecting them in anyway or maybe its just me .
Other people are also free to leave a comment if they want!

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It does not surprise me. People rarely buy low leveled gear since you level fairly quickly and why expend 400kk for a level 60 set when you can leech to 90 in no time. Also it could be because people are trying to craft more since every one can craft everything these days. (I am not certain on this only came back 1 month ago) I for one try to buy/make items at the levels I am. I dislike leeching (even though I say this a Iop I have was leeching to a higher level *cries* But only because I wanted him stronger faster Dsmile and so try to avoid doing that. Any way these are just my thoughts and like I said I came back last month xD I hope you sell your items soon though smile 

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Howdy, Donmasa!

I would like to point out, that Rushu has a really annoying price-cut happening, as in, people are undercutting constantly and you have to refresh your item's prices a couple of times per day for them to be sold.

As for the low level gear... Everybody is getting leeched to ~150+ nowadays, so the demand has fallen, meaning the supply doesn't happen as much as it used to. Let's hope the Steam players will change that in the future.

Kind regards,

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