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Scarier Agi/Chance Endgame

By Guttasumbw November 07, 2016, 16:06:06

Hey everyone i recently reached lvl 200 on my sacrier and was wondering if u guys could give me a hand on endgame sets and such i wanted to go agi and chance but i don't have that much money at disposal right now could anyone be of help? hopefully another sacrier?

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Howdy, Guttasumbw!
I am a Hupper main (used to play Cra/Sram in the past) and I can highly recommend the set I am currently using.
It has really nice stats and will make you also help to hit with fire spells aswell.
Stat tl;dr - 6K HP, 11AP 6MP 4 Range, ~280 Intelligence, ~460 Chance, ~500 Agility, ~330 Power%. It also has really nice resists (34% Neutral, 31% Eartg, 25% Fire, 28% Water, 20% Air) and also 112 Lock. So it should be more than enough for now, I hope. I can't insert a hyperlink, no idea why. Doesn't work. So here's the link.
I have also made a cheap version of what an okay Agi/Cha set could look like.
I hope you like my suggestion,
Kind regards.

peace out.

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