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[BUYING] Wandering Bandit Staff and other incarnations

By xXx-sarah-xXx - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 14, 2016, 04:48:11

I am also interested in:

Wandering Bandit
Kalkaneus's Sword
Kubitus' Bow
Grouillot's Daggers
Ougicle's Sword
Ektope's Hammer
Plunder's Staff
Kloug's Wand
Manitou Zoth's Staff
Pm me in game, Dathura.

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Kloug's Wand can be found in the Emporium if you are desperate, otherwise nevermind.

Kalkaneous's Sword, I might have one spare to sell but I am unsure whether it's level 1 or 50. I know one of my swords is currently locked on my account for the next month and half but I don't remember the level.

Ektope's Hammer, I should have plenty of that spare to sell.

Wandering Bandit, I have spare Wand and Bow, both at level 50 that I could sell.
Nevermind, I see you only want the staff which I don't have 2nd spare.

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