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By MadSock - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 08, 2017, 23:05:35

I want to buy this somewhat old and uncommon level 10 set. The King Pong Set
More specifically, I want to buy 2 Pongshovel and 2 Pongloak. Leave a message here, send me a Ankabox message, or find me in-game @ Lingerie-Addict. I am usually online between 15:00~17:30. Dofus Universal Time.

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good luck finding it i think it was available with a 2 year sub to dofus mag so it's ultra rare

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Oh perhaps it was. I vaguely remember the King Pong set being a bonus item in a promotion not many years ago, maybe 2 or 3. It might have been a third party promotion with partnership to Ankama like those sites that promote the game and invite new players to try out the game then given a code to redeem. It was like that for the Tetra set I remember.

Thanks, maybe I should post this on some other places too to widen my search.

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