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Ecaflip's Luck

By xXx-sarah-xXx - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 11, 2015, 03:28:47

Ecaflip's luck should be modified, its too powerful at the moment. With any good timing, the 2x damage sustained doesn't matter and it can't be unbewitched.

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Explain to me how "2x damage" doesn't matter.

I just think of the Ecaflip Luck as a one turn shield that allows Eca to dodge spike damage spells like Iop's Wrath etc (because using them while the shield is up would turn the damage into a heal).

But on that next turn even if you have a masq to shield or some other type of protection that Eca is always going to be in trouble. At the very least the erosion is going to be intense. Even if the team manages to fully shield the Eca from attack on the following turn with masq shields etc if you have any type of erosion at all you can stack it on and take advantage of the double damage to take a huge chunk of the Eca's overall health.

Maybe the problem is that you don't have characters with enough MP, or which can gap close, or use AoE damage to reach the Ecaflip while it is on its vulnerable turn?

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To be honest... This spell is actually more balanced in 1vs1 aggros i have had in beta then it was in kolo

Heres why.. there are A DOZEN ways of a eca avoiding the x2 damage.. let me list a few.

Pandawas using stab and then picking the eca up.. = You cant hit the eca for that turn

Truce/and other immunity spells from feca

Slyvant mode on sadida

Another trick is using Pull out on enu.. and then unbewitching the eca...this leaves everyone else completely grounded..and giving the eca the Ability to run away
Also theres bribe...

Sram turning the eca invis.

so.. you get my point...there are many characters that can actually negate the after effects of Luck..and some can do it without much trouble. In other words..easy to abuse spell

The point is that... this spell is really cheap.. I would be ok with it if ecas didn't have that amazing damage..or movement..or healing.... But the fact that they can run in do iop level damage..and then cast Luck just so you cant even touch him...while he heals with his own attacks...makes a ton of people pissed.

I feel they need to put a fix damage penality to it.. like if you use Luck..then the next turn you lose like 50% of your hp. Something along the lines of that. (maybe 50% was too much..but it was just an example)

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The kind of interactions you are describing aren't caused by the Ecaflip being overpowered though. They are a case of the opposing team having better tactics and synergy in their character choice than your team.

If you want to succeed in kolo you need to make sure your team has similar tricks up its sleeve to avoid damage while dealing damage to the enemies. Most of those things you mention go both ways. So far example an enu on your team can bribe the Ecaflip on its Luck turn so it is pinned down for double damage on the next turn, or a Panda on your side can pick up and throw the Ecaflip to a place where it can't escape because of being locked by Pandawasta.

Personally I like the way kolo has transformed from something where the strongest Iop wins by one turning people, into wins that are more based on tactical, careful timing of spell combos that help you avoid taking damage.

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I just need to add something here. Rarely in Kolo are you prepared to counter certain classes, you go in blind. And by the time you see how OP the team you will be fighting is, you can't do much except change trophies or sets if you are that rich.

In Ecas case most times they will blitz at least 1 of your people by turn 4 or 5 if not sooner. Even if they die that may be all the enemy team needs to win. If they are smart they will blitz your healer or shielder or your highest damager.

This is why its OP. The negative effects are pointless if you have lost an important member. And like radioactive said they usually have a few tricks to save the eca and keep you pinned.


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How is this different from a iop blitzing around?Iop's can run farther away if they are in danger,over obstacles and bypass locks.They can't heal but Vitality has its good 2 stacks uses.

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