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need some advice

By clarkymark - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - March 10, 2015, 08:13:46

well, I wanted to go for something that people don't usually go for so I am building an agi/int eca. (137 atm)

What equips are good for it. ive found the ceremonial rat set but what else is a good set? I could also do with sticking to 10/5 so I don't particularly want to get rid of my limbo wand at the moment unless someone knows a good alternative?

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i was agi/int eca at that lvl and if you cant afford to scroll agi/int/wiss and cant get crimson + some nice power and agi/int trophies than dont .. i didnt scroled adn didnt had crimson i just had 30 agi trophie and 30 int one + some power but my hits were shit didnt liked it at all..

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