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Str Ecaflip lvl 151 set advice

By NaiekAnther - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 12, 2016, 18:21:37

Haven't played in a few months and was just wondering if my set was up to scratch. I remember just basing my trophies on pure power and not taking anything into account. And I quite liked having 12AP hense the kwyness. I'm aiming to do the most amount of damage possible in fights so I can a) Fight stronger mobs in order to lvl faster and b) Not be useless in group fights.
I remember when I played last I was quite happy with the damage i was inflicting and finally having acquired the ingredients to complete my moowolf set (server was dead so it took ages) but i'm wondering what the most popular choices for str eca's my lvl was wearing.

This is my set at the moment (Gelano is AP+MP)
Click here

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Switch minor maniac with jackanapes, kwyness with emerald/ginger dt, -15str +400 vit.. then its pretty much the standard 12/5 moowolf set.

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Oh sweet, thanks.

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