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Class Improvement - Ecaflip

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 20, 2019, 17:57:29
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have they fixed ecaflips yet?
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Ecas are just so weak now compared to many classes. I used to really enjoy pvp with my Eca but now it’s very hard to challenge OP classes such as Cras (omg..), Sadis or huppers. The damage is too low and the skills are just too basic to be effective..

Please make the class how it used to be
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the new passive sucks and the new spells suck too, this class is a shadow of its former self and ankama should be ashamed to release such nonsense to us
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I really miss the old heads or tails. Was nice having an ability that could go either way requiring different stats. Now the eca just feels like a generic damage dealer and every spell is just the same in terms of visual throwing some cards and function just dealing raw damage. Was excited to play my eca again when I jumped back on and now its my least favorite class.
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just thought of this, maybe they won't incorporate but heres my take. Each spell cast you get a 50% chance to get a streak and 50% chance to break

Streak 1 - 5% damage 
Streak 2 -10% damage
Streak 3- 15% damage

Break 1: 5% heals
Break 2: 10% heals
Break 3: 15% heals

Improve Trickery to the best casters element but keep the random ap cost. 

And Rekop? i only used it when there was a feca invulnerable to act as poison, never used it for anything else. 
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Just bring eca's to their old glory and make them be a gambler class with 50/50%.. that is fun not knowing what you'll roll, it makes it more interesting, and that's the whole point of the class, "the gambler" .. This way it's just like the other classes it's predictable and everything is the same, just boring spells..
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I've been away from the game for a long while, but I suppose I could talk from what I've seen...though honestly I don't have too many thoughts on how the class plays right now. It's fine, overall. Can do a lot of useful stuff in short bursts. I'll go over a few spells and give ideas for improvements, but have in mind I only really play PvM.

Tails or Heads, Meowch, Bluff, Nerve: All four have the same effect, and the same issue: unreliability. It almost punishes you from critting, which is kind of absurd, especially since every ecaflip spell builds up crit. Doesn't it make way more sense to build stats with the regular casts, THEN have the crits deal the stupid high damage for the AP cost? As is, the crits are not a reward, they're a nuisance. Or at least make the crits deal decent enough damage on crit, because the piddly ammount we get now is mostly just insulting.

Roulette, spell strike: Why do we get 50 ap removal again? We lost our ap removal...what's the point in this? Either take it out or give balling up some AP removal or something.

Topkaj: Really needs some utility. There are very few reasons to take this over it's variant, given that heals. I suggest making this able to heal allies, same as yowling; you trade AoE for better range, making it an actual choice. 

Perception: too small to be useful in detecting enemies, too unlikely to actually heal well enough. Honestly, increasing it's AoE to the old size 5 circle, but capping the heal at 15%, would be appropriate. 

Corollary: Not useful enough to replace repercussion, honestly. It's not even a bad spell, it's just not good enough to compete. I'd actually rather see this replaced entirely, and leave reflex as the erosion spell.

Rough tongue: Hillariously weaker than it's counterpart. Not only is range less valuable than mp, it has less range, and the downside is much worse. The AoE doesn't help. I'd frankly use lapping up over this even as a mono int ecaflip. Reduce the downside to maybe 2 range on the next turn, and increase damage and range, and then there'd be a reason to use it. 

Clover: Now kinda useless. One guaranteed crit is not worth the spell slot. Since the crits are not important as a central mechanic anymore, this is a relic of the past. I'd actually rather have this be a 0 ap spell that allows me to toggle my ability to crit back and forth, given the first 4 spells I talked about; clover feels that bad.

Playful claw: Still hoping this will get more range one day...

Misadventure: Way too unreliable. It's a strong spell, don't get me wrong, but you will never trigger the lifesteal reliably enough to depend on it, and if you don't crit you're probably just wasting 4 AP, since the scenarios where you'd hit with both the ring and the center are basically...never. Revert it to have the crit be lifesteal on the ring edges like normal, but whenever it crits it inflicts erosion and/or crit damage penalties to the eca. That way, it's a risk to abuse it, but it's a good emergency tool.

Felinition: Where did my heals go? What do you have against int ecas?

Rekop: As said before, this really should be a propper poison.

Ecaflip coin as a mechanic: While it's neat that you can build up your crits, it's also very...pointless. There's no big reward for building crit up. No spell does a lot better by critting; hell, some of them do WORSE. If you're going to do a gradual buildup like this, it needs a decent payoff. I'd rather see the crit bonus replaced by either crit damage or crit final damage, that slowly builds the unluckier you are with crits, giving an absolutely ridiculous payoff when you finally deal crit damage. If you're worried about players building for crit, remember that they'd deal crit damage more often, thus resetting the final damage payoff signifficantly often. You would also justify clover, creating new builds; You could have a low crit eca that has a massive damage burst eventually, or a high crit eca that has more consistent damage. It's way more interesting and gambling like than the current system, and it's not overpowered considering other damage dealers have much more controllable damage bursts.

Int ecas: really kind of unuseable as is. The damage is not as good as other builds, the utility is weaker, doesn't have a range advantage, doesn't have a signifficant enough healing advantage...there's no point in being fire based. All you need to do to make fire ecas good is giving them a reliable way to heal allies with decent range, like the old heads or tails. It wasn't too powerful, it wasn't special in any way, it was just a standard healing spell. There was literally no reason to take this from fire ecas, which as a build were always pretty underrepresented.

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change lucky star to similar to plot but a ecaflip version
Critical Damage 60
Range damage 5%

5 -> 8% heal/detect enemy

70 -> 90%/detect enemy

damage sharing to enemy/ally

Summoning Claw
increase health to 900

Lynn-Reiginleif|2020-04-06 13:24:05
Lucky star: no, thanks. Don't think more damage is what the class needs. 

Perception: I don't think healing that much for 2 AP is justifiable. Remember, you have to take in account PvM, where you might have 3 or 4 enemies on the area. That much heal for 2 AP is too high, at least without a downside.

Roar: again, damage isn't really needed. Ecas have enough.

Roulette: Definitely not. Tanking is not an ecaflip specialty, and that'd be too powerful for the class. It's not warranted.

lucky star: you forget ecas are underused right now, and their damage is mid-tier considering its their specialty(damage dealer), right now its iops/srams/foggs dominating this field

perception: It might be better to have a maximum heal capped off at 16?

Roar: considering the situation in pvp your most likely going to die next turn if your next to that much enemies

I found a way to take advantage of the class crits but it would cost way too much and would still prefer an eni over it(yes i class changed to eni). id rather cast a shield with no debuffs, heal over a wider area, and buff multiple allies for different purposes. damage is just what the class needs, if their support is sub par

well done on int eca, they can hit like fate and heal themselves for 2 turns. the problem lies in the spells clover and rekop

make rekop a 3 turn poison and clover punch through shields?(new mechanic maybe and add to damage dealer classes)

if you compare this to the meta(fogg/feca) this is still mediocre in terms of support but finally having a counter against those two classes. 
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Lucky star: no, thanks. Don't think more damage is what the class needs. 

Perception: I don't think healing that much for 2 AP is justifiable. Remember, you have to take in account PvM, where you might have 3 or 4 enemies on the area. That much heal for 2 AP is too high, at least without a downside.

Roar: again, damage isn't really needed. Ecas have enough.

Roulette: Definitely not. Tanking is not an ecaflip specialty, and that'd be too powerful for the class. It's not warranted.
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does ankama even read this?   well this is just a suggestion take off the passive + crit for eca's.   cause 4+ crit on a spell that haves 5% crit rate is no near normal from classes that have already 25% some spells and 15 % crit rate it doesn't add up. doesn't benefit me as an eca so now clover is useless why would i wanna give my team + 4 crits for 2  turn for 2 ap common now.   i rather heal them with lucky star .  I've played this game for years.. and honestly you guys don't get creative.  don't cra's get a spell for 2 ap and gets 15% crit or something like that + 50 % power ?  make clover something like that do it with no buff or w.e but make the dam spell usefull. 
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The erosion is way too much, its more than ougi too. What are you guys doing? 
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What have they done to my ecaflip class "the gambler" this class feels like a former of itself( I played since beta of dofus 15+ years came back after like 2 years).. like a cheap knock off what the ecaflip class used to be.. its like majority of people in charge of class modification/change hate Ecaflips. I feel no love here. Class just feels lacking... and nerf to hell... PvM compared to how it was when I played now i mostly using my eca to farm.. and for pvp I feel completely useless and while I'm not properly geared i feel as tho I have to be opti geared to even have a small chance and even then classes with less stats in their gear than mind can [email protected] me so easily. This feels more like a rant than anything so if you need to remove this comment i can understand im just sadden that my main class and the first class I ever played on Dofus feels like its being left behind by all classes. 
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Can you guys please revamp this class or buff him. He is so weak right now. 
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the last update erosion was a good thing, but i see comparisons to fecas shield 35% 2 turns with ecaflips luck 50% and -50% next turn is really bad(you see feca shield/fortification then when 2 turns are up they invulnerable themselves)

i recently made a chance crit eca, they have limited range and still i get outdamage by srams, foggs and iops. can we get a damage increase and a mechanic with spell strike that instead of ecas damaging the "spell strike" summon we get a random buff each class spell we use. as for the roulette variant of the spell make it so the targeted enemy gets a random debuff for each spell we cast. 

spell strike
20% 250 strength
20% 250 intelligence
20% 250 agility
20% 250 chance
20% 150 power
edit: or look opposite of below?

20% -1 ap
20% -1 mp
20% -2 range
20% -10% damage inflicted
15% cuts heals recieved by 50%
5% triggering rekop

ecaflips luck
make it enemy targetable but reversing the turn effects and lowering the spell effects towards enemies
self/ally 50% damage reduction, 150% damage increase in one turn
enemy 140% damage increase this turn, 60% damage reduction next turn

Balling up
increases basic damage by 3 per each cast for 3 turns

edit: add fleeflees in form of like epidemic
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