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Returning player, confused about Ecaflip's new theme/identity...

By YeetBambe - SUBSCRIBER - July 18, 2019, 06:33:01
"Ecaflips are warrior gamblers who can be found anywhere they can win big or lose everything... True Ecaflips never stop gambling, and they always go all in."

When I played around 10 years ago, Eca actually matched this description. There was one spell (can't remember the name), where it would either deal damage or heal, (you can alter the long-term expected value by going int for heal, and vice-versa). Sure, it might be a nightmare to balance around RNG-focused gameplay, but Eca players should be perfectly aware of what they signed up for when they pick this class. After returning and making an Eca... I just don't get his identity anymore. 2/3 of his kit is just standard damage/buffs/debuffs you wouldn't be able to distinguish from Iop/Enu. The rest of the spells have negative side-effects tied to them...except that you know what's going to happen. There's no variance to spell outcomes anymore outside of merely Rekop and Trickery. Did the devs change their intepretation of "gambling"? Personally, I miss the high variance of the class. I'd rather Eca to be underpowered  then play this watered-down version.
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im thinking this class should be a versatile damager(warriors/gamblers/found anywhere) with that inmind he should have a spell kit for most situations albeit weaker than the class specific roles, the gambler role might be harder to pin down as the theme in pvm/pvp is to focus on one enemy except sadidas, but here are some of my suggestions.

make ecaflips luck/godsend enemy targetable.

roulette should be changed to each spell cast but only affecting the caster(so he is always gambling for the right effects)(though a name change may be in order)

wakfus spell all in should be included in dofus. with the difference being the damage is in the attackers best element

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No good player would be playing Ecaflip if that was the case. The game has changed immensely and there is no reason for pure RNG based mechanics. I also remember how funny it was when someone wasted their turn healing you, but there's no place for that nowadays, or ever for that matter. Ecaflips aren't just known as gamblers, that's just part of their back story due to them being lucky by nature. The class quest has an Ecaflip perform various tasks that test an Ecaflips "luck factor", so to say. The point being Ecaflips are supposed to have a slight edge when it comes to something that's generally RNG. I think the way Critical Hits work for Ecaflip in 2.52 is the closest Ankama's ever gone to playing into the role playing of an Ecaflip. If you want to really dig deep into the role playing of an Ecaflip, then the current update is about as perfect as it gets. The old Ecaflip's Luck was RNG dependant and relied solely on the player's luck, pure RNG. Whereas nowadays Ecaflips are given an obvious critical hit boost, effectively a boost in luck for every spell they use.

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agi/int ecaflips are rare to find, and with the utility spell kit that eca has now, it's a mix bag with wanting to be a damager and a healer(better with eni as it can be a buff mule as well), with the critical hits on some spells increasing some stats it feels like a very weak version of feca's stat stealing spells. want to be agi? go sram. int? go iop/elio/sac, heck even str now is weak compared to sadis/iops, the update before this ecaflips were only strong when ecaflips stacked their equipments with 11/6 before trophies and + crit damage. 

i personally tried playing around with int eca 12/6, meowch and similar spells has a mechanic that raises stats, we can take advantage of this if lets say clover was a full turn or its cooldown isnt that long, but even with that you risk at long range inconsistant damage, which is a problem in my opinion. 

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yeah true ecas are dead now

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