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[Guide] Damage sadida

By dertimvar#7475 March 09, 2011, 23:32:59
hello people! this is my first time preparing a guide. guide is about damage sadidas untill 100 level.

Characteristics: ( if you can afford scroll wisdom,strenght,vitality,inteligence )
  • Vitality: 0
  • Wisdom: give all point here
  • Streght:0 ( you can give some points if you want to go str/dmg )
  • Intelligence:0 ( you can give some points if you want to go int/dmg )
  • Chance:0
  • Agility:0

1-11: Bramble L5
11-21: Sacrificed Doll L5
at level 26 go to incarnam reset your spells. Or you can level with leek pie.
26: Earthquake L5, Sylvan Power L5
26-31: Leek Pie L5
31-48: Poisoned Wind L5 ( you have 7 spare points sav them for '' The Inflatable '' )
48-52: The Inflatable L5
52-80: Bush Fire L5 ( spend your spell points to a spell that you find usefull, I recommend; Manifold Bramble, Soothing Bramble, Wild Grass, Bramble or Soul Capture. )
80-91: Insolent Bramble L5 ( you can forget ''Sylvan Power'' )
91-100: Level one of the The Ultra-Powerful, Manifold Bramble, Soothing Bramble, Wild Grass, Bramble or Soul Capture ( chose one of them suits your style )

1-26: Astrub Rocky Inlet ( you can do also gobbals, chafers in incarnam )
26-52: Piglets ( there are some good maps [0,31], [-2,31], [-2,32] just use earthquake/sylvan power if they survive kill with leek pie )
52-100: Gobbal Dungeon ( If you can afford it gobbal souls are very fast and good exp. ) also if you get bored of gobbals go bworks.

preparation: get your +10 dmg atooin, cawwot dofus( it will be very usefull for you while leveling ), use your scrolls if you bought it.
level 17: Wear Robber Set with inteligence fillers ( int maged gobb headgear is good choice )
level 38: Wear prespic set + Robber Set + int/wis fillers ( at level 42 you can get a maged Crocoburio's Spirit it gives nice int )
level 52: Xelor's Amulet + Turko Ring + Treechnid Root Bow + Ringtree + Prespic head,belt,cloak + Royal Gobbots ( you ll need a bit of scrolling for Treechnid Root bow if you dont want to pay then skip level 52 equipment and wait for level 60 but you if you can get this set you can start soloing gobbal dungeon )
level 60: Xelor's Amulet + Gelano + Ringtree + Royal Gobbots + Trembling Dodu Belt ( also you can get Koalak Headgear and Vegicap for more dmg but I recommend prespic for better wisdom )
-you can wear any weapon you want.
level 70: change your weapon with Royal Gobbal Sword ( try to buy with least -wis , if you can find and afford buy with wisdom maged one )
level 73: wear Korko Kousto
level 83: wear Grazor

  • I suggest you to go str/dmg or int/dmg after higher levels, but wait for Ancestral Set, SO set, Moowolf Set or another dmg/wis/int or str set.
  • [*]I didnt write but use the atooin all the way. People are saying that get a ini. mount to start first but you dont need to. There is no mob can kill you in a turn. as long as you you level as I said starting second will be no problem keep the atooin

    Leave a comment.biggrin
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i belive the main reason people used to say to use a initiative mount was a couple of months ago (like 4-5 now?) damage sadidas mostly lvled on sewer rats untill they finally improved the AI (shaman used to not use unbewiched because of the - intelligence debuff you give yourself) and if the shamen went first he would steal ap. but do to the fact that the shamen now weights high resist > -int debuff it unbewiches you and would slaughter you. it no longer a lvling spot so a initiative mount isint really mandatory now.
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yeah rats are not a leveling spot anymore so keep your atooinbiggrin
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Hey, is damage sadi best for mat farming? or would str be better purely because of manifold?
Good guide btw ^^
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ofc dmg sadi is better then str for farming mats
cos EQ and PW have very large AoE also u can still hit as good as normal str sadi with manifold bramble
+ u can hit 200 x2 with royal gobb sword in close combat

the only disadvantage of dmg sadi is that u have to spend 30 more points on eq, pw and sp
but str sadi can lvl some more spells instead of them
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Can you please continue the guide abit to the Higher lvls?
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Khajiit-Leap|2012-06-02 14:36:41
Can you please continue the guide abit to the Higher lvls?
its outdated, sylvan power got nerfed (buffed for my part) and insolent got changed along with the other unbewitching abilities. a damage sadi is no longer as viable as it used to be, but it works, but get prepared to get hurt by your own poisons tongue 
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im gettin hurt alot on piglets but i do a tactic
Earthquake+Manifold pass
next turn manifold+sylvan
or if close to me then spawn sacrifcal+manifold myself
when should i go str... im 40 and im in no mood to be level slow all the low lvl sets are meant for dmg but not wis.
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get yourself a prespic set, gives a good amount of wis and + damage for your level smile 
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Hey um would Raising Intelligence Increase the Damage of Earthquake im level 26 atm still leveling i have dmg set for level 50 aleready atm i have +26 dmg is that good? -Please reply

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