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Int/Cha Sadida

By mikko August 10, 2013, 00:03:12
Okay, I recently came back from a pretty long break, and am now looking for some new weapons because of the close-combat nerf. I used to rock a thrusty staff, which actually surprisingly used to hit good. It's not as worthwhile to use anymore, and was wondering if there are any (non-Frig 3) weapons that I could use. My stats are:

800 int
310 chance
200% power
102 fire damages
100 water damages.
10AP/4MP (4MP is sufficient for me)

I was thinking of something like a fire maged Ethical Wand, as the last time I remember, that weapon used to be insane! Or even a fire maged Ougaamer? I know the hits wouldn't be as good as someone favoring chance more, but I prefer the Intelligence build. Also, I hardly ever PvP. Any suggestions and feedback is appreciated! smile
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since you'r using CB, just use a fire maged Bearbaric Sword ? 8Crits + 10 omnires(which adds up nicely with cb's fixed res) and if by any chance you use another part of the set you'll get some damages as well.

I'd say look for some a bit lower lvl wands as well. There's this 2 Ap wand that's easy to get 1/2 and you can cast it 3x/turn. I don't know about you, but i feel like a 2Ap fill is missing a lot from my str sadi. And even for int ones, i bet the wand crits a lot more than leek pie hits wink (shouldn't be expensive either since it's like a lvl 100-120 weap but pvm it should be viable and flexible)
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Sorry for posting on your thread, but I'm new at sadidas and I'd like to know if there is any reason to go int/cha at lower levels. I feel like there are no advantages at level 12x
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@-Nightshade- That's true, thanks man!

@Bomba-Sz No worries dude, I have always been chance/int or intell/chance since starting out, even way before the buffs now. It was challenging, but it seemed more fun trying out a build that nobody seemed to use/like at the time lol. It's really up to you if you want to change to int/cha. There's better gear now at those levels than when I was, so it could be fun trying it out!
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Cool thanks! Is para poison or earthquake ever worth to use?
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I used to have paralysing poison leveled before the stacking nerf. It was pretty useful in certain situations in PvM (I never PvP lol), not sure now, however. I personally never use earthquake, but it could be handy for you. Sorry if I wasn't much help lol.
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Ok thanks a lot biggrin 
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Otomai sword?
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I've had a look at that Otomai set- it looks nice, however, I will be losing so much +water damages. The bush fire damage I have now is similar to those of full intell Sadidas using that set, however; I have the advantage of actually hitting pretty decent with Tear and Dolly Sacrifice. I checked out the Dunb Hammer, and didn't realize that they actually changed it to 4AP now. It is honestly not bad at all lol. I think I've finally gotten some rhythm again, and taken some rust off!
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