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Sadida Kolo build Chance - Lvl 170-180

By xXx-sarah-xXx - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 15, 2015, 17:56:24

Hi, what are some items that would be good for chance sadida at lvl 170-180?

Preferably good in kolo, it would be nice to have 12 ap and 5 mp.

Pet/mount - Probably blue bird pets mount or eme/plum drago.

For trophies I would just use the ones I already have (example: major survivor) + major player

For chance at this level I have the feeling it would be more beneficial to use individual items rather than an actual set like minotot.

- Dathura

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What's the reasoning for the 12AP? I'm pretty sure chance sadidas only need 11AP. Regarding mp, 6mp would be perfect but 5 is afordable.

So this is the set I think it's the best. I used something like this when I was at your lvl. I tried to follow your request when it came to the pets although goin eme/almond would also be a good choice.

Set: Click here

- 80 mp candle
- good range
- good summons
- viable damages
- good resists
- good init

- low vit
- no reliable weapon for close combat

You can always tweak it a bit to see what fits you better...

Some good stuff you can get if you tweak:

- Unchewa staff
- Judge Gavel Hammer (water maged)
- Mopy hat

I hope it helps smile 

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Click here

Hi I agree about the 11 ap

My friend says this is the best set until late game

(note: powerhouse can be switched for something else if crits are needed)
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Don't take me wrong but your friend is wrong. I used kanazure indeed but only untill I was able to change sets. (lvl 175~).

I'll try to explain why I think your friend is wrong. First of all, you are a sadida, any build that has less than 3 summons shouldn't even be considered. Then you have 12AP, it's really not needed trust me on this one, so removing the jacka (and also the voyager) will open 2 spots for new trophies. But getting back to the sadida, you really need mp removal. In kolo fights you'll be doing 3 things: sumoning dolls, unbewitching and removing your enemies mp. You will also be hiting with tear from distance, but that won't be your main objective.You shouldn't consider anything less than 60-70mp removal.

Now, the reason why I didn't want kanazure on the set I've shown you is that one of the best things about kanazure is the extra MP it gives. With the ap/mp gelano and the plum/eme mount you would have 7MP if you had kanazure, while the max MP allowed is 6. The reason I don't want you to take the cha bird is that it takes hp. I sincerely don't see how that set is better than the one I showed you.

Let me tell you something a lvl 200 beast pvp-god cha sadida told me when he "taught" me how cha sadidas work. "If you want to build a set, try getting the highest chance possible while being 11/6 (or 5) while having at least 70mp removal, 3 summons and 4 range and the highest vit/resist possible". He also said "Exos help a lot" but I'm not rich enough for those tongue

There are possibly better sets than the one I showed you, and it will in the end depend on your own playstyle. ^^

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