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Sadida dolls

By GrzybcioDof#3821 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 28, 2018, 13:35:55
People, I have a question, do not you have the impression that dolls are stupid than they were?
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I just came back a week ago, after about 6 years away from Dofus. My Sadida is 139. My impression is that the dolls are not stupider than they were way back then. I'm pretty f-ing pleased with the maddoll. The dolls are not brilliant, and they don't read my mind very well, but I think that's a reasonable mechanic in the game. Ecas play with luck in the same way: sometimes the dolls work out for you, and sometimes they don't. Placement and timing can help, but yeah they're not always going to do what I want.
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First of all, welcome back (7 months late but eh).

Second of all, ecaflips no longer rely on luck AT ALL.

Dolls pretty much kill themselves or are always in the way. Wish we had a spell to control them like osas can.
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Yeah, especially the sacrificial doll.   You have to remove any chances of it blowing up on another summon, regardless of how low the enemy's health is.  It is really stupid.  It should be controllable like Osamodas summons or Rogue summons.  Why are they allowed to run around blowing up in ways that make sense and not Sadidas?  Sadidas are not even that powerful at the moment.  You can easily kill a maddoll making the whole idea of spreading damage around redundant.  And paralising poison amongst other poisons that spread damage is debuffable.
The dolls are not the only thing amongst sadidas that need reworking.

However, I find the maddoll to be crazy good at finding Srams.  
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