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sadi shake, idols

By -spartigis - SUBSCRIBER - August 03, 2018, 18:34:33

Hey guys- I recently started playing again after several years and have just started messing around with different idols. I'm looking for idol suggestions for fighting bonta-brak sewer rat mobs or smaller maps in frigost --primarily using trees and shake with my 198 sadi as I level another character.
I loaded up some behelits (enemy damage % increase) which didnt result well. I was thinking about trying some kyoub (lang range damage reduced) idols but thought I'd reach out here first for any suggestions. THanks

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mp idols like dynamo and neko tend to keep most mobs clumped for tree/doll infect. dakid and muta keep you next to enemies for infect. some dagobs are doable for long fights. ultram works well if you dont move much and use release well!

payo and hulhu also work well with the above

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Ultram is team idol, unless he plays with 4 characters at least (sidekicks included) he can't use it.

By the way, since the idol nerf you can use mp idols + yosh idols, as the shake spell's damage always calculates where you stand, not where the trees are.

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