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Class Improvement - Sadida

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 20, 2019, 17:57:32

This topic is intended to gather your ideas and suggestions on improvements to the Sadida class.
Please, keep in mind that class balancing focuses on both PvP and PvM at once.

Ankama intervention 2

Your feedback indicates that the Sadida class is very interesting to play (it is viable and fun) in most modes except the fire mode.

In the forums:
Many of you brought up issues with the MP and AP removal system for the Sadida and Xelor classes.

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Thank you for this opportunity!

Strength and agility builds are in a fairly good spot. Chance and intelligence are not even worth playing IMHO. What I propose is to merge the summons spells with their respectable variant as these take up way too much of the spell book. Instead the current variants there would be space for more healing, buff, int or chance focused spells in order to give these builds some more viability. 

The Sadida is a jack of all trades anyways so giving him more options without massively increasing his output is a great way to go. Besides, summons are often useless in high-end dungeons or even against whole groups of mobs. So giving an alternative that isn't a summon would be a great change. According to me at least. 

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Love infected state and im impressed that ankama nerfed IT but didnt killed. Over all i see only 2 things which are painfull for me.
1- Max cap of tree in 1 time, now sadi can make a Forest from sahara.. Xd
2 Debuffs should have max cap per target and whole his team.
expl: u can reap only 25%* OF your oponent ap/MP - pvp
​​​​​​60%* - pvm
IT will stop of abusing cancer build in pvp and brainless range teams in pvm.

*- for now its Just radom but IT is possible to count IT and balans

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There are counterplays against AP and PM reap, like trophies and resistances. Basically you want Ankama to do this job for the player so they can build their sets without thinking about debuff resistances, while the classes that uses this mechanic have to sacrifice status to aquire AP and PM removal.

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Sadidas are impressively balanced in 3 v 3, requiring a lot of set up to become an unkillable Forest God. My only note is that Groute's Variant applies Poison for 3 turns in an AoE, which is a long time for how easy this spell is to land. I understand that it takes 7 AP, but the reward for poisoning all members of an enemy team is enormous. Simply reducing it to 2 turns would be fair, and allow enemies to respond by avoiding contact with the Sadida for a turn.

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Score : 4435

I think the class is overall quite balanced, but the strength build is very dominant with both powerful attacks and versatile effects, while chance and intelligence builds are underwhelming. Here are some suggestions:

Repotting: Change this spell to require an empty cell target. The nearest leafy tree from the target is moved to the target, and an un-grown tree is planted in its original position. This makes the spell more useful for spells like Earthquake, Shake, and Plaguing Bramble, rather than being just a booster for Force of Nature as it currently is.
Voodoo Curse: Water damage is triggered not by AP removal, but whenever an ally tree is summoned or grows to a Leafy tree. This improves synergy with the chance build and other Sadida spells.
Manifold Bramble: Change to fire damage. Strength Sadidas will mostly use Force of Nature instead anyway, so might as well give the intelligence build another direct attack which they sorely need, and reinforce their area damage specialty.

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The accompanying graphic allows us to view the results of this first survey for the Sadida class.

  • Dommages - Damage
  • Survie (soin, protection, et tanking) - Survival (healing, protection, and tanking)
  • Amélioration - Improvements
  • Placement - Placement
  • Entrave - Debuffer
  • Vision actuelle - Current vision
  • Vision idéale - Ideal vision

In red, you can see the ideal vision you have for each class role. The blue profile presents the current vision and feeling in the game.

Like most classes, Sadidas have two similar (but not identical) profiles – the class as it is today is broadly in line with what players expect.

It is noted, however, that you see the class as slightly more powerful than you would like in terms of damage, survival and preventing movement.

This is part of the information we'll take into account when balancing classes. Your comments will help us to put the diagram into perspective by providing us with a more-concrete vision that is closer to the in-game reality.
We'd also like to remind you that in order to solve perception divergences, nerfing and upping aren't the only tools we have at our disposal.

You can see the class comparison on the main topic.
Score : 1789
is noted, however, that you see the class as slightly more powerful than you would like in terms of damage, survival and preventing movement.

Rip, yes the Sadi is finally strong cuz of the linking but both the int & chance path are atrocious. However, some spells are super redundant. Prime example, having 2 variants of each summon. It's rather lazy and merging these wouldn't make the Sadi stronger but open up potential for swapping out summons in places where they are useless or cause more harm than good. (like 50% of 190+ dungeons).
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first of, if Salida gets a nerf, I hope sadida isnt changed ('nerfed') too much. I hardly ever play pvp, but i love how the sadida is a very nice character to play as a solo player. enough survivability and tools to keep mobs at a distance.

Also, ive posted this before on probably a wrong spot in the forums, so i'll repost it here:

In one of the last updates sadidas were changed drastically in the way they play together. I know this change was to prevent multi sadida players to play together or for 2+ sadidas becoming too powerfull. I agree that that needed to change. I am stuck with a problem though:

As a main, single account, sadida player, i sometimes play with others who are also sadida. This for me is very boring and restricting. Let me put up some examples why it bothers me.

- Sadidas are based on trees. When sadida1 puts up a tree, sadida2 cant summon one. this is a global countdown, which is fine. The problem is that the summoned tree can barely be interacted with by the other player. various spells don't work on the trees of other players such as repotting and Sylvian power.
- Force of nature does not count the other player's trees as a valid tree. this makes the spell very hard to use as the second sadida which cant summon trees.

to change both these problems, i'd recommend having all trees work for every sadida on the team OR let every sadida summon a tree without the global cooldown. The second idea might not be very good, since the trees would be hard to separate based on the player and too much trees would be spawnable in a short amount of time 

- the infected state hit-count that prevents mobs to be hit more than 3 times in total via the infected state limits the second sadida. This change is needed to, yet again, prevent multi loggers and sadidas becoming too powerfull. i would recommend to increase the number of hits (from default 3) by 1 per extra player. this gives a bit more room for direct hits while not making it too unbalanced. In current matches where im with another sadida, it always comes down to sadida1 playing with dolls and debuffing single targets (cant hit infected because of restriction) and sadida2 doing all the tree building and damage

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Your feedback indicates that the Sadida class is very interesting to play (it is viable and fun) in most modes except the fire mode.

In the forums:
Many of you brought up issues with the MP and AP removal system for the Sadida and Xelor classes.

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When will ankama just leave classes alone. There is always something being changed. It seems every other week they are resetting every class. I dont get it

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There's literally one thing about the sadida that makes them impossible to deal with in Kolo and that's the dang spell that gets increased in damage by how many trees there are. The spell is broken and should be removed/changed entirely. Otherwise the class is in a good spot. A tad annoying, but powerful nonetheless. That spell just pushes them up to broken.
Also agree with the poster above.

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to quote ankama "we did shed a quiet tear".
this graphic looks threatening, and makes me thing that instead of making gameplay improvements in int/cha paths and diversifying some of the spell variants they will succumb to downsizing values of meta builds

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Hey there! It's Troxi-Metal.
I've been playing my Sadida for approximately 7 years now and even before that I played many MANY years and I've seen most of the changes you brought to the game and I feel like I wanted to say something about the them smile

The "Tree" rework has worked perfectly for Sadidas. I'm not level 200 so I don't know many things about how the Agi Sadi works but I'm Cha/Int right now so I'll give you my feedback based on this build. 
1) All Cha skills are viable at this point in my opinion. But when it comes to Int I wouldn't say I'm pleased with it. Bush Fire always has been one of the most used spells since the beginning of Dofus. It has a great range and a fair damage but the lack of good or viable Int spells repels people to build as Cha/Int. So most of the time people ,such as myself, use Bush Fire as a coping mechanism for the lack of non-linear, long-ranged spell which makes it kind of crucial yet not rewarding. What I would suggest is, if you are planning to lower the Trees' importance; it could be awesome if we get new skills instead of Earthquake (which is one of the oldest spells of Sadida and has a special place in my heart because of its age), Paralysing Poison (which still can apply some sort of poison and Infected state but more useful like AOE or a damage instead of a poison), Wild Grass (maybe increase damage or use per turn but max effect accumilation could be capped at 1). 

2) There still are skills people don't use such as Natural Gift, Posioned Wind, The Tree Of Life. Not because they are bad skills but because a) their alternative skills are way better b) they are underpowered c) they are only viable at some points other than that they are mostly useless. Maybe rework them or replace them with some new spells

3) The summon system started out beautiful but after the alternative spells have come out and the Tree meta came, it just feels lazy that when Osas got new summons and we just got a change of the summoning way. 

4) I feel you as saying Sadis should deal less damage but I would keep them as the most damage dealing in AOE class because that's what they were all about since 1,29. They do deal lots of damage but that was what they were all about since the beginning.

5) Overall, summons aren't that great. They could've use a buff on their vitality/resistances/mobility because most of the time they get one shot. And also the alternatives of them could include whole another different types of summons.

These are just my humble opinion. Hopefully all this time this community gave me joy and beautiful memories, I could give it back as a feedback.

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When can we know the nerfs/buffs of sadida?

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Some constructive feedback (as much as possible).

First of, thanks for adding a new int and chance spell! It was needed for a long time. However, the current additional benefits they grant aren't too great. I would limited the AoE increase of the chance spell (mangrove) to 1 tree and make it grow back the following turn. Trees already aren't that easy to keep alive in endgame PVM so wasting a bunch of them is often not a great idea. 
For the Int spell (prickly embers), I'd give it a different effect (not the dmg, the tree shrinking) all together. Perhaps it could increase healing received in a 2-cell circle around the affected target. This way it would enforce the int build towards off-support for CC chars.
Lastly, and I've been pretty vocal about this in a few posts already. Please, merge the current summoning spells (transmuted and normal into 1) so that you keep all the current options, like summoning with a tree is 2ap, in the normal summoning range it's 4ap. Besides this we badly need a summoning limit, 1 of each type of doll. This way we can make them stronger individually and stop doll spam which isn't fun for anyone. This way you could allow controllable summons on the Sadi as well as have 5 free slots to put spells. These should be created with in mind that summons aren't usable everywhere. So, for example you could give a more reliable healing spell (than soothing) instead of the healing doll. Instead of the sacrificial doll it could be a linear dmg buff or maybe a dodge buff. Block's variant could give a dodge buff, so you lose a decoy with good lock but are able to dodge better yourself. Seems like a fair trade off imo.

All of these are just examples but the current rather harsh weak points of the Sadi. If changes like these seem too strong, then surely take out of the rest of the kit.

Just my 2 cents! Thanks for reading.
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