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Choosing the right stats

By 15Giliano51 - SUBSCRIBER - May 24, 2019, 15:33:22

Hey all im playing sadida and wanna max it.
I came back after being offline for 2 years so i also need new friends to play with.

But beforei  go off from this thread, what do you think is good to play as sadida now?
i was thinking of a chance/int sadida or omni sadida, i would loke to hear your ideas and also the reason.

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Have u seen the new Sadida spells? study them all, I would say agility/chance is the best. This level 85 Sadida did 1k damage to me with sacrificial doll... chance/agility wont get REALLY good until around 120-145, but u can wreak some havoc with tear + Sacrificial doll alone early on. Also, Sadida is much more of a summoner now, I've honestly never beaten a sadida even if they're weak players/have a "bad set" with low stats, and im a sram player. Sadida just has trees everywhere, blocks u from moving, your blocks dodgelock even agility character.. its actually just DUMB. Everytime i pvp a sadida i always end up getting surrounded on all 4 sides by trees and dolls, while i slowly die to poison and sadida heals for LITERALLY 400 hp every turn.. far away in safe distance... its IMPOSSIBLE to beat Sadi. I cant even fear or push dolls away.. cuz they're immovable.. and they all have 600+ hp and 30% resist to all elements gg

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aye, thats why haha the trees are good. i went with chance/strenght.

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