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Sadida returning player

By narc-- - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 06, 2019, 14:14:11

Hi guys,

So I used to play many years ago (when masq was the newest class), and I had a level 199 str sadi.

I purely liked str for the aoe manifold provided. But now with the infected state technically every spell is an AoE (which is awesome).

I sold my account to a friend a while back, so I’ll be starting on a fresh account with no friends or Kamas.

My questions is- what build would be best suited for PvE now? I remember strength was clearly the best option back then, and wondering if it’s still the same?
Is a full chance build viable? I like the mechanic of being able to heal with dolly sacrifice, and the no LoS of Tear.

Would it be better to hybridize now? Since spells automatically level up now.
I’m only level 41 atm, so please advise at what levels I should hybridize or what build to use.


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Literally coming back from 2014 and have no idea what to do either. Bump

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