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When is Ankama finally going to nerf Sadida, this class is way too broken and they keep ignoring it

By Master-Man-#2942 - SUBSCRIBER - November 28, 2021, 13:39:28

I feel like Sadida is the class that is most deserving of a nerf, somehow it keep avoiding it every update and I cannot fathom why. With this post I would like to share my thoughts and elaborate why this class needs a nerf ASAP. If anyone has something to add please feel free to share your thoughts.

Mp reduction

Ah yes, MP reduction their key gimmick (apart from infection) for the Sadida class and something that is totally out of control. I did the math once and with all mp reduction spells combined Sadida's can rape 14!!!! mp in one turn. Keep in mind that classes have 7 mp with abyssal and vulbis, this means sadida's can reduce double the total amount of mp if they want. If there was a class capable of raping 24 AP (which is about the equivalent) everyone and their mom would be complaining about how badly it would need a nerf. This total amount of MP reduction also means that stacking mp parry is obsolete, you can stack as much parry as you want but with this mp capabilities some mp reduction will eventually seep through. There are even sets available with 220+ MP reduction thanks to the new Possessed and Wukang sets making sure you will pass your turn with 0 MP. 

220 Mp reduction set played by Sadida's

I will break down some of the spells and explain what is wrong with them.

Soothing bramble:
This spell just does not make any sense to me, -6 mp and it lasts for 2 turns (oh and it also passes this effect to every adversary if they are in the infected state). Explain this for me Ankama, please. this spell can literally take all of your MP and it lasts for 2 turns!!?? Who thought this was a good idea?? This spell needs to be toned down ASAP or probably even totally reworked or removed. The worst part about it is that you can still stack more mp reduction on top of this spell. Even if the spells takes let's say 3 MP Sadida's can still reduce more.

Paralyzing bramble:
The signature damage spell for the Sadida, they love to spam this and it even does good damage with the Voodoo (something I will talk about later). Apart from the spell doing solid damage (and of course it spreads to everyone in the infected state) it also reduces way too much MP. -3 MP for a 3 AP spell that you can spam freely seems a bit too overpowered. That's half of your MP's gone for just 3 AP. The only thing this spell has going for it is that it cannot stack and thank God for it. 

This summon (not sure if it counts as a summon but you get the point) is used by Sadida's to infect their adversaries. This of course not a problem and should not change but for some reason Ankama thought it would be fun to give this summon the effect of raping 3 MP. Again ... just why, there is legit no need for this and it takes half of your MP. 

The Ultra powerful Doll:
Ah yes a controlable summon able to reduce 4 MP in an area of effect whilst also able to lower the targets MP Parry to make sure you will lose even more MP in the following turns. Honestly, who thought this was a good idea? And the worst part is when you kill it it turns back into a small tree. If you do not kill said tree it will grow to a bigger tree and the Sadida can freely summon it again for only 2 AP or another doll (I will talk about the dolls later). The cooldown for this summon is also way too low, the Sadida can basically spam it whenever it wants and it costs almost nothing to do it. Honestly, prolong the cooldown, up the AP cost and reduce its MP reduction capabilities and AOE and it would already be so much less broken.

There are other spells the Sadida can use the reduce MP but I feel like I touched upon the ones that are utterly broken, I do not want to make this post any longer than it has to so I will skip them but the development team should definitely take a gander at them. 

Why does this exist? A spell that procs about 300 damage upon MP or AP removal. With all of the Sadida's abilities this means the Sadida has a lot of free extra damage. This also works for its teammates making the combination of AP reducers and sadida not only annoying to play against but also really strong. If they combine their efforts you can have like 4 AP with 0 Mp while being hit for 2,5k damage because of the voodoo and it is really not enjoyable to play against. This needs to be toned down pronto. I also forgot to mention it spreads in the infected state and resets on the targets turn. 

Gotta love the Maddol, probably the most broken summon in the game and that is saying something with how good Osamodas is. The Maddol spreads the infected state to its targets for 2 turns and it can also rape 3 AP. With its base AP reduction stat of 80 this means that -3 AP is the case more often than not unless you are playing an AP parry set. Again why is this so broken?? It costs 2 AP to summon this demon and again when it dies it turns into a tree. Just like the ultra powerful it has a cooldown time that makes no sense at all making sure it is pretty much back the turn after it got killed. This thing needs to be reworked, it already spreads infected state so why does it have to do -3 AP?? It makes no sense. The worst part about it is that this can also trigger voodoo meaning this doll spreads infected state, takes 3 AP and does about 300 damage.

Bane is a chance spell that heals half of its damage. This is nothing we are not used to. Huppermage's for instance can do the same thing but what makes Bane so broken is that it does this for everyone in the infected state. I have seen sadida's healing up to 3k HP in a turn by just spamming bane. This makes zero sense and needs to be toned down. 

Gotta love harmony, Sadida is almost dead and boom damage share with 4 summons and it is pretty much unkillable for the next 2 turns. Again just why, the Sadida already has so much and Ankama is just making it worse by giving it so much survival capabilities. 

Infected State:
The Sadida's signature gimmick, the infected state. Spreading damage and MP reduction to everyone in it. On first glance this looks absolutely broken and that is because it is. A typical infect lasts for 3 turns and is easy to reapply. This means the Sadida barely has to waste time and AP to keep its infect going. 3 turns is just way too much this should be reduced or Ankama should at least make it harder for Sadida's to infect. It can just freely spam damage to every opponent meaning their HP will get lower turn by turn until they are all so low where it is pretty much game over. 

Final Verdict:
The Sadida has so many tools it can abuse and I have not even talked about all of them like damage sharing for instance. It is a class much deserving of a nerf and it just never happens. I am well-versed in PVP having experience and succes in Kolo, KTA and also some 5V5 so I know what I am talking about. I have been playing this game for about 1,5 years and ever since then this class has been a huge problem. With all the other classes getting nerfed the power creep this class benefits from is no joke and should be looked into. This class is really not fun to play against cos you just know you cannot kill it, it will take all of your MP (if it plays an MP reduction build), spams broken summons and does good damage to everyone. By writing this post I hope to keep the community engaged on this topic and hope that Ankama looks into nerfing it.

How I would go about it:
I have listed many problems with the Sadida class but what do I want to see changed? Implementing nerfs to all the spells I mentioned would render the class unplayable. This is not only unrealistic but also unwanted. I would like to see some changes to a few spells which I think would balance the Sadida class quite nicely. If Ankama would somehow give me the ability to change the class these are the following changes I would implement:

Soothing Bramble -> max reduction of 4 MP, only lasts for 1 turn
Paralyzing Bramble -> max reduction of 2 MP
Bane -> reduce dmg for infected enemies (target takes 100% others take 50%)
Voodoo -> reduce dmg by half and limit procs to 2 max
Maddoll -> AP reduction stat of 50 and can reduce a maximum of 2 AP
Ultra powerful -> same as Maddoll but for MP
Infection -> You can no longer reinfect players, infecting is only possible when someone is not in the infected state. i.e. you can no longer prolong the infected state but rather you need to wait for it to run out first.

Thank you for reading 
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I guess someone got beaten in a pvp fight lol. Guess what? I lose all the time, but I don't come whining to the forums demanding a nerf.

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That's right!

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Someone needs to switch classes to Sadida, I think wink

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I have played it, I have played every class actually besides enu (it is just too bad). I do not really enjoy playing sadida, it is a very strong class but the gameplay to me is very unappealing, it tends to drag out fights which I do not enjoy, I prefer shorter matches. The other day my team was playing Sadida in one of our comps in Zeste cup and had a fight 10 minutes short of 2 hours. I am glad I decided to sit that one out cos I do not understand how someone can enjoy that.

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