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Shake Spell after latest update

By Mukazakuma#4774 - SUBSCRIBER - April 29, 2022, 15:33:52

Seems to be bugged. I was using shake one a single target poutch and the triggers seemed normal then i went to the scara plains to fight multiple white scaras. Fighting 3 white scaras i noticed when using shake and hitting multiple targets i should be getting the 5 mp after hitting the cap but i did not get the same result sometimes it was 4 mp or using movement points before casting shake and hitting multiple targets sharing trees the result would not give me the new 5 mp cap, i would get less. I'll be looking more into it after work but just thought i'd put it out there in the meanwhile. Maybe it was my account or some other triggers, im not sure but i will be posting more soon would love to hear from yall i'd appreciate it.

After a some fights of different amounts of white scaras, here are a few of my findings. I'll also be looking into finding a way to upload or post part of the recorded clip of fighting 5 white scara.
2 trees sharing 2 white scaras will net you 3mp not 4 now, so i assumed it was tied with the amount of initial enemies hit with a tree then maybe another factor would trigger and cancel or add another mp.
3 clumped and adjacent white scaras sharing 3 trees will net 3-4 mp EXCEPT for 1 tree combination with the scaras that net the full 5. It required the 3 white scaras in an "L" shape with 3 trees wedged all around them, having all 3 trees in shake range of hitting all the scaras. I took those findings to verify and see vs 5 white scaras, thats when it got weird.
Having all 5 white scaras in a clump and locked with a sacrificial doll and the block, i summoned a single tree that had all 5 white scara in range of a shake. Casting it would net me 0 mp, like something got triggered that actually cancelled out the mp gained, i could see the mp get added to character mp then it would decrease, thats why im looking into some kind of cancellation trigger.
Once i threw in a 2nd tree into the clump along with the 1st tree that has all 5 scara in range [that new tree addition only had about 4 scara in its shake range] the result got me 5 mp. I notice a lot of inconsistencies and different combinations of enemies plus tree positions will actually net you different results, 2 trees and 2 scara in both the trees shake range will always net you 3 mp in all the different combinations ive tried so far, and only 1 combination of 3 scaras and 3 trees has net me the full 5 mp after the cap. 
I'll continue to test out the shake spell and see if i can find out what mechanics and triggers are at play to inform everyone about how the newer version of the spell works. The old version would trigger in quite a broken way honestly, hitting 2 enemies [and not killing them] that share the splash space of 2 trees will net you 4mp, since once tree hit 2 targets and the other hit 2 targets and so 2+2=4mp.
So now my assumption [thesus] WAS that the amount of MP gained is equal to the amount of enemies hit off of one tree plus the amount of trees that stack shake onto the mobs will add +1 per shared territory but it does not seem to trigger that way and will be adjusting my thesus/formula. Would love to hear from anyone if anything, i'll continue to look into Shake, it's triggers and let yall know what i find. Thanks for taking some time to read this i'll keep yall posted.

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